Give Your Employees More Than A PayCheck

Give Your Employees More Than A PayCheck
July 30, 2010 Leslie Juvin-Acker

When salary is no longer enough, give your employees what they really need for professional satisfaction.

Foster Personal Responsibility – Don’t just put your direct report in charge of a project, give them responsibility and hold them accountable for their decisions. Furthermore, get them thinking about how their responsibility plays a major part in the company’s short and long term goals. In doing so, you’re getting them to think like a business owner, rather than just a salaried employee.

Encourage Creativity – Encourage your direct reports to create solutions within existing constraints such as budget, materials, or time. Give them the opportunity to present a variety of solutions and get them to explain their thought processes that led to such solutions. Throughout this process, you’re getting them to think critically about their work and you’ll find out how well your employee understands his or her work.

Inspire A Spirit of Learning – Inspire your direct reports to learn more about their field, take courses, or get mentoring from a more senior employee. Be sure to give them opportunities to use their new found talents and skills for future projects, otherwise they won’t feel that learning is valuable.

Follow through – Make sure you follow through on the aforementioned leadership techniques and engage your direct reports as they take on new ways of thinking and approaching challenges.


  1. jrandom42 7 years ago

    Bill Hewlett and David Packard made it work well, until Carly Fiorina destroyed it.

    • Leslie Juvin 7 years ago


      This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this comment from you. You must feel very strongly about Carly Fiorina’s leadership abilities. Can you share more of your thoughts, please?

  2. jrandom42 7 years ago

    It’s all contained here:

    Just ask your husband if he would have liked to work at H-P with Bill and Dave.

    • Leslie Juvin 7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing the link. Did you read this book and have you ever worked at HP?

  3. jrandom42 7 years ago

    Yes, to both. I was a newbie systems engineer at H-P, and one of my most cherished memories was a half hour chat with Bill Hewlett in my cubicle, when he was out wandering through one of the facilities in San Jose.

    The book may be a bit biased, according to some people, but it gives a serious and comprehensive look at H-P, drawing on previously silent sources of information.

    • Leslie Juvin 7 years ago

      Cool story! Maybe someday, you’d share what was said during the conversation?

  4. jrandom42 7 years ago

    Why do I hate Carly so much? H-P was a special place to work, and it set the tone for the entire Valley. Carly turned it into “just another company”, destroying all that made H-P special, a leader in treating people right, and letting them work together for something more than just a paycheck. I’ll never forgive her for that, and will work to limit any chances that she might have to do that to another organization that might be special in its own right.

  5. Leslie Juvin 7 years ago

    There is no doubt that a CEO can come in and destroy a company culture. It’s a travesty for everybody: for the veterans that had spent countless hours making it what it is and for the newbies who want to taste what all the buzz was about. I’ve seen an investment firm appointed CEO come and erase the spirit that once existed. It’s really depressing to see the people who have little to say about the damage that had been done to their lives. You are a man with a mission, JRandom, that’s for sure. The only people I met that worked at HP were in San Diego – product managers. I’m not really sure how they felt about her leadership, though.

  6. jrandom42 7 years ago

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