Meetings Are A Waste of Time

Meetings Are A Waste of Time
September 9, 2010 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Have you ever been stuck in a meeting that never came to a resolution? Do you spend 1/4 of time spent in the office listening to bad ideas and redundant stories?

SocialCast came out with a nifty visual explaining how how much time and money is wasted during meetings,

According to a Microsoft survey, employees globally spend an average of 5.6 hours a week in meetings. 69 percent of participants feel that these meetings are unproductive and unnecessary. Not only is the mental cost of these meetings high, they also affect a company’s bottom line. These weekly 5.6 hours of unproductive time is like giving each employee 12 additional days of paid vacation per year. In fact, Group Vision estimates that Fortune 500 companies waste an estimated $75 million per year in meetings. The numbers clearly make the case that meetings are costly beyond their value.

SocialCast goes further by recommending the instruction of Robert’s Rules of Order (for those who were in a fraternity or sorority, like me, this is one of the first things you learn during chapter meetings), opting for social networking, and other technology-based solutions for collaboration.

I believe better meeting preparation and strictly following meeting guidelines as well as time lines can help make meetings more productive. It’s a simple strategy, but when people are prepared and ready to perform efficiently information can be transmitted at faster, clearer rates.


Do you think meetings are a waste of time? Do you have a tip on how to make meetings more efficient?


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