Ask Annie Reports 89 Percent of Americans Struggle To Balance Work And Life

Ask Annie Reports 89 Percent of Americans Struggle To Balance Work And Life
September 25, 2010 Leslie Juvin-Acker

A frazzled Ask Annie reader asked how they could negotiate a work-flex time to care for their aging parent suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Annie gave some advice on how to approach her skeptical boss and revealed some statistics that are perhaps not so shocking for the average American,

A whopping 89% of Americans say that balancing work and the rest of life is a problem, and more than a third (38%) say it has gotten worse because of the economic downturn, according to a new poll by research firm StrategyOne (

More than 80% of Baby Boomers ages 45 to 54 are experiencing “high levels of stress” from juggling responsibilities at work and at home, says another survey, this one by the Hartford Financial Services Group and consulting firm ComPsych. Nearly half (46.6%) said that they were worried about how care giving is affecting their job performance.

Those are some serious numbers revealing the realities that the average American worker faces. Coined the “sandwich generation”, Boomers are faced with caring for aging parents – who are living longer and running out of retirement benefits – and their “boomerang” children, young adults that return home after college to find work.

How is the Boomer generation able to cope? Initiatives such as flex-time, telecommuting, increasing the maximum dependent age coverage on insurance policies are just a few of the ways to help ease Boomer struggles to balance work and personal life. I doubt Americans will support changing the full time schedule to 35 hours with 1 hour lunch breaks like my host country, France, but Americans do realize that something has to be done to increase quality of life without sacrificing profits.


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