Film Review: An Education

Film Review: An Education
December 7, 2010 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Set in the early 1960s, sixteen-going-on-seventeen year old Jenny Mellor, lives albeit discontentedly with her parents in Twickenham, a London suburb. In order to pursue her father’s expectations of an Oxford education, Jenny spends every waking moment preparing for her destiny of a better, more exciting life with dreams of traveling to Paris and experiencing more cultured people than her suburban school friends.

Jenny finds a quicker exit to the life she has always wanted when she meets the charming and mysterious David Goldman, a man twice her age. Goldman charms Jenny’s parents into believing his intentions are nothing but a chivalrous attempt to expose her to cultural experiences. It isn’t long before Jenny is wooed by the romance, the intrigue, and luxury of the life Goldman offers, even his heart.

There are some discrepancies in Goldman’s business dealings leading Jenny to question how he can afford such a lavish lifestyle. She is faced with the pain and heartbreak that accompanies the task of getting to know the man she loves and the choices she makes as a result of the information she discovers.

Jenny’s journey isn’t different to what many young women feel and experience as they mature and realize their beauty, youth, and innocence is a commodity that can be auctioned off to the highest bidder. She is faced with the choice of earning her own way in the burgeoning swinging sixties or choose a totally different path with unexpected consequences.

This film has adult content and isn’t suitable for ages under the age of thirteen. Teenagers can relate to the control that parents exercise while parents and adults alike can identify with the difficulties of parenthood and how individual choices and revelations can affect our destinies. Francophiles will love this film for featuring classic French pop, scenic views of Paris, with a sprinkling of French that Jenny uses throughout the film.


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