Photo Journal: Birds In My Garden

Photo Journal: Birds In My Garden
February 17, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Standing on my porch one day, I saw dozens of birds flying around my home in the park behind my house. Only a few brave birds find their way into my garden, especially since all the flowers and cherries are gone. In an effort to attract some birds into my garden, I hung some seed bags on my hibiscus bushes and waited with my camera from inside the kitchen with a telephoto lens. This is what I got from this experiment.

The black bird is a regular. He comes into my garden everyday and digs for worms in my flower bed, often making a mess that I have to sweep up. I originally thought it was my dog, Peaches, who likes to lay in the flower bed on hot days, digging up the dirt. However, I have found the culprit!

The blue and yellow bird comes at the same time daily, around lunch time, and feasts his heart out. He knows I’m there in the kitchen and when I stand up to get a closer look, he’s out of there!

The orange crested guy digs and eats. He’s cute, because he walks around the flower bed seeing what he can find. Nothing much at this time of year (the annuals are long gone), so he picks a snack and he’s on his way.

I will continue my experiment throughout the year to see what kind of birds come and go. Maybe I’ll learn their species names and share them with you. Do you have birds that frequently visit your garden? Share your stories!


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