11 Best Places To Meet Women

11 Best Places To Meet Women
April 4, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

You don't have to look like this guy to get a date!


Are you tired of meeting women in the same old places? Outgrown bar hopping and late night parties and ready to find a woman that is ready to settle down or in the very least knows what she wants from life? Check out my list of the 11 best places to meet women.

University Events & Alumni Meetings

Whether you’re a college student or an alum, university events are a great way to meet educated and motivated women. Universities are always organizing events to unite students and graduates with notifications delivered straight to your inbox.

Sign up to receive notices from the student union or alumni center and check out a few events for yourself. Couples who have the same level of education are more likely to stay married than those who don’t. If you want a smart wife, why not check out your local university or alumni chapter?

Bookstores and Coffee Shops

If you like a woman that is well read, why not cruise your local bookstore and coffee shops? Hang out in your favorite section (so the day isn’t totally lost) and see what fine lady walks into the aisle.

Be warned that it does take some bold action to introduce oneself to a lady out of nowhere, but it doesn’t hurt to strike some conversation on a similar book or topic of interest. Some bookstores even have coffee shops located inside, why not offer to buy her a cup of coffee while discussing a latest release? Sounds harmless to me!

Dancing Classes

So, you might be scared to death of dancing in public, especially when no alcohol is involved, but most men are surprised to learn that there is a surplus of agile and flexible women eager for a male’s embrace on the dance floor.

One of my single male friends currently enrolled in a local dance class was excited to share with me that there was a shortage of men in his class, describing the fighting women wanting to get on the floor. Don’t be scared to make a fool of yourself, the women in the class are there to learn, too. Just make sure you wear steel toed shoes!

Dog Parks

Men and women who share a passion for their four legged friends often share the love of the outdoors and exercising with their pet. If you have a dog, or enjoy caring for a friend or family member’s pet, why not take a long walk or drive to your local dog park to meet dog owners of the female pursuasion.

Making introductions is easy when your dogs make their own sniffing version and finding walking partners is simple after several meet ups at the local dog park.

Sports Leagues

One female coaching client of mine was aching to meet new people and get more exercise. She signed up for a local kickball league that goes out for drinks afterwards. In a matter of weeks, she was able to meet all sorts of eligible bachelors happy to take her out for a good time.

If you like sports and want a woman who enjoys staying fit and loves the thrill of the game, then check out your local sports leagues. There are all types of sports and games out there that can bring some laughs and the best out of you. Just bring an extra change of clothes and some deodorant if you’re the sweaty type!

Volunteer/Social Causes

If you’re passionate about a certain cause like animal rights or housing or feeding the homeless, then meet someone who cares just as much as you about making the world a better place.

Volunteering and staying involved in a social cause takes commitment, so remember that you can’t pretend your passion. Take your time to get to know other volunteers, both men and women, and build up your reputation for being a caring human being. Once others in the community begin to trust you, ladies will line up to score your affections.


Churches are a great place to meet other believers. There are singles groups that organize dinners, outings, and all sorts of activities that help you get closer to your deity/faith and closer with a lady of your liking.

Remember, ladies of the religious persuasion usually like to wait until after marriage for hot and heavy physical relations, but if you are more interested on what’s on the inside then you’ve found the right place. Be warned, also, that some people who attend church are going through difficult times in their lives – make sure you meet someone who is in a good place emotionally and spiritually.

Community Center / Adult Learning Courses

If your neighborhood has a community center or adult learning courses, sign up and meet other people interested in the same hobbies and interests as you. Not only will you improve your skills and reach out to the community, but you’ll have the great opportunity to meet single women who want to meet men in a safe learning environment.

Many adult learning courses take place over a period of days, weeks, and months, so if you’re shy you have the opportunity to get to know others with time.

Organized Trips

If you love to see new places and get out of your comfort zone, signing up for organized trips can help you meet a woman who’ll explore the world with you. The great thing about getting away is that we can feel freer to be ourselves and try things we’ve never tried before. That sense of adventure could also translate into making your move with a lovely lady who is also eager to make new connections.

Want to meet a woman out of the ordinary? Try introducing yourself to a local of a foreign region and let the language of love do all the talking.


If you are a divorced or single parent, meeting other parents in your similar situation can be made simpler at your local playground. This way, you can see how potential mates care for their own children, allowing you the time and space to access their parenting and relationship skills.

Be warned that some single/divorced parents come with emotional baggage. Take your time in getting to know these types of women as they may still be getting over their personal losses or their ex. If they’re single and ready to mingle, then take a chance and ask for a date.


The internet is a fast and growing place for meeting other singles. With a variety of websites that match your religious, social, recreational persuasion, you can select the type of lady you would like to meet with just a few clicks.

Remember to be honest in your profile and to be safe when meeting strangers. Offer to meet in public places and let your instincts guide you into the right direction. Be realistic about long distance online relationships and how they’ll affect your ability to be together on the long term.


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Know of any other places to meet women? Share your advice and tips here!

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