Leslie’s Top 10 Gardening Websites

Leslie’s Top 10 Gardening Websites
April 5, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

The following list includes my favorite gardening blogs and websites that are informative, fun, and full of inspiration to get you out in your garden and growing something today.

Listed in alphabetical order, you’ll be sure to find something for you whether you’ve got a acres of land or just a few pots on your balcony. From expert sources or through the daring process of trial and error, each blogger and contributer has different perspectives and ideas for growing beautiful, peaceful, and edible gardens.

Balcony Gardener The Balcony Gardener is a blog about non other than balcony gardening. Featuring different categories such as alpine, edibles, and flowers and water gardens and geographic areas on balcony gardening, there’s a little bit of something for balcony gardeners all over the world.

The Gardening Mom – The Gardening Mom is exactly as the title describes. Based out of New York, her name is Tara and she’s a mom of three adorable kids and is a trained horticulturalist. Her photos are beautiful and each article is informative and easy to follow. I found her on Twitter and I’ve been a big fan ever since.

Fine Gardening – This is the online website of the Fine Gardening magazine. The website hosts videos, a discussion board, and tips for design, plants, and how-to. I really love the informative and step by step videos.

Herb Gardening – This simple and straightforward website is purely dedicated to growing herbs. Learn about herbs, how to care for and grow them.

Gardener’s World – This is the BBC’s online website for the Gardener’s World magazine. I love that this website has a “What To Do Now” section that gives checklists for each current season and week. There are also classifieds, contests, and offers.

Life On The Balcony – Fern Richardson is an award winning blogger who grows her own container garden on her balcony in California. She’s got plenty of great tips, informative videos, and a book coming out in the fall of 2011. The creativity really flows in life on the balcony.

National Gardening Association The National Gardening Association is an educational resource for educators and gardeners full of expert advice and resources for gardening and teaching gardening to next generation of gardeners. NGA also awards grants for school and youth gardens. Inspiring stuff!

Organic Gardening – The online website of the Organic Gardening Magazine, readers can find a beautiful website with blogs, tips, how-to articles and lovely photos of the best in organic gardening for food and for display.


Urban Organic Gardener – Mike Lieberman is just a man who grows food on his tiny New York balcony. He claims no expertise other than by trial and error after starting his fire escape garden in 2009. He’s young, hip, and some would say handsome and makes urban gardening cool for young people, especially men. He features news, tips, and recipes for home grown food.

Vegetable Gardener – A Fine Gardening website, the Vegetable Gardener is a collection of articles on growing vegetables in the backyard. They’ve got different projects and instructions for growing different types of herbs and vegetables.

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  1. Paul Holowko 6 years ago

    Could you please consider posting Gardening Rhythms on your website. The website is professional quality with videos, shorts and information about anything between a “shovel” to “analyzing soil using a microscope”. Here is a sample video


    • Author
      L.J. Acker 6 years ago

      Paul, I like your website. Would you like to do an interview for a feature article?

  2. John Mitchell 5 years ago

    How about Garden-Share? We have been up for almost 3 years now.

    • Author
      L.J. Acker 5 years ago

      Can you tell us about this site? I looked around, but I didn’t see an about section. Thanks!

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