Spiritual Gifts Money Can’t Buy: Communication

Spiritual Gifts Money Can’t Buy: Communication
April 9, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Looking for something to give your husband/wife, partner, friends and loved ones? How about spiritual gifts? These are the gifts of joy, communication, peace, hope, trust, contentment, and compassion.

Communication is day two of a seven day examination of each spiritual gift and how you can give that gift in your daily life to those you love and to those around you.


Open and fearless communication is a gift we can give our loved ones. Excellent communication can take terrible situations and make them better, can solve problems, allow us to share our dreams and goals and alleviate our fears; throughout which we can grow closer in understanding, foster trust, and build hope.

Communication isn’t just verbal. It’s non verbal. How we give affection and how we touch our friends and loved ones says a lot about how we feel. A gentle touch on the shoulder, hand holding, and a warm hug are just a few of the many ways we can non-verbally communicate our love and sentiments.

We can communicate through our actions, too. What we do in relation to our friends, strangers, co-workers, and loved ones tells them how we see and feel about the world.  If we do a favor, a kind deed, make positive boundaries, and set an example of ourselves we communicate more than words can often say.

How are your communication skills? Do you feel that you’re always struggling with your spouse or loved ones? Or, do you feel that your relationships and communications are strong? How often do you communicate your feelings? Is it enough?

Give The Gift of Communication

  • Send a letter.
  • Make a phone call and have a conversation.
  • Invite someone over for tea and have a chat.
  • Judge less. Listen more.
  • Give a hug, a smile, a gentle touch.
  • Respond to actual problems, rather than react to feelings.
  • Think longer before you speak.
  • Increase the frequency of communication like calling or talking more.

I want to know your suggestions and ideas for spreading the gift of communication! Share them here!


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