Butterfly Wisdom: Simplicity

Butterfly Wisdom: Simplicity
April 12, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker


When life gets too hectic, butterflies can teach us lessons in simplicity and how we can become once more masters of our lives. Butterfly enthusiast and instructor, Jessica Morgan, shares the wisdom taught by butterflies.


Sunday. Monday.Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Saturday. Friday. Tuesday. Sunday.Thursday. Wednesday. Monday… It can all spiral out of control in a foul mixture of chaos andappointments and traffic and deadlines and bills.

It’s a polluted web of caffeine, medication, alcohol, Advil and fast-food. There are birthday cards to mail and sympathy cards to write and fundraisers to support and bridal showers to attend and the guest room needs painting. The floors are filthy and the dentist is calling and voting is on Wednesday and church on Sunday and my mom’s birthday is just around the corner.

We can curse the alarm then rush through a showerand fight traffic and drudge through the work day and hurry home to run on the treadmill, scarf down dinner, return a friend’s call, flip through the channels, do the dishes, and pass out until we move into the bedroom to repeat the cycle. We nightmare about cost of sales and lowering over head and reminding the lawn man to edge properly and fixing that leak in the roof.  The phone is ringing and the alarm is screaming. Who is in control?

Isn’t it strange how we are able to deliberately create our reality, yet we mindlessly allowexternal circumstances to rule it for us? Our human bodies don’t know the difference betweenreal or imagined stress. Physiologically, we react the same to either. The guiding force is simplyour individual mind and how we allow it to react to external factors. I am at the control tower.The territory of my mind, body and emotions is a monarchy and I am the crowned decisionmaker.
The only solution is to deliberately select how your numbered days will be spent, with whom,what for and why. We can deliberately say “no thanks” and simplify our schedules. We do’t haveto worry ourselves sick.
I find that somehow, just gazing into the garden and spotting a flying flower eliminates stress. Iimagine what the butterfly is “thinking” and as I project myself into her, I identify the source ofmy worries. My subconscious decision to improperly rule my kingdom is the culprit.

The fluttering wonder brings me to the realization that I am the Monarch. There will alwaysbe predators and storms and diseases lurking about. The sun does not always shine and thenectar may be scarce. As winter approaches, there will be challenging journeys necessary forsurvival. But somehow I have found shelter thus far and my past battles have made me wiser.The beautiful moon shines down through the foggy nights. Crickets sing while frogs chantlullabies. Abundant Peace cloaks the garden in refreshing it for tomorrow’s buzz. There is adancing breeze and a painted sunset for which thanks is due. Surely twilight welcomes a new dayto dance about in the sunshine.
The butterfly with her woes can twitter freely about. She twirls among the blooms savoringtoday’s nectar and spreading seeds for tomorrows budding miracles. She unknowingly givesdelight to onlookers all the while trusting the maker to get her through. There is no placefor complicated worries or urgent what ifs. She makes no compromise in terms of her soulassignment, but remains faithfully focused on task. If she, this delicate and vulnerable being, canslight the apprehension that would hinder her progress and look to heaven for tranquility than socan I. Give Thanks.

Dedicated in memory to Momaw

[box type=”bio”] Jessica Morgan is a self-taught lepidopterist and naturalist. She has been raising native butterflies in South Florida for over ten years and is currently employed by a leading butterfly research facility. Jessica teaches seminars on how to create butterfly gardens. These years have taught her many meaningful life lessons and helped her simplify her life. Ultimately, the natural ebb and flow of the garden’s life have helped her to find peace and a deeper personal connection with her God.[/box]


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