Earth Day 2011 – The Tree Parable

Earth Day 2011 – The Tree Parable
April 20, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker


An old man was planting a tree, then somebody asked him why he plants that which he cannot live long enough to enjoy its fruit. The old man answered; ‘just as my grandparents planted a tree to which I’ve been nourished, so I plant for my grandchildren.’

Do more than plant a tree for Earth Day. Realize your connection with earth and your duty as spiritual beings to care for it, but not be of it. Realize your consumption habits, how you affect the mother earth in your daily life, and think for the children and generations of earth-life of tomorrow. What we have on this earth is our responsibility to maintain and care for – the more we have, the more responsibility and accountability with which we are entrusted.


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