Exclusive Interview and Beauty Advice From Celebrity Makeup Artist Gregg Hubbard

Exclusive Interview and Beauty Advice From Celebrity Makeup Artist Gregg Hubbard
April 21, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Get the inside scoop on LiveLoveLeslie.com’s exclusive interview with celebrity makeup artist, Gregg Hubbard, who offers advice on real beauty, hot looks for 2011, what it’s like to work with celebrities, and gives us the deets on  his latest projects, including a behind the scenes look at the latest Banana Republic fashion show.


Behind The Scenes: Banana Republic Photo Shoot (photo credit: Sam Robinson)

If you read magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, and Cosmopolitan, watch tv’s most popular programs like Celebrity Apprentice or The Today Show, or follow some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, chances are you’ve seen the work of make up artist, Gregg Hubbard.

2011 marks Gregg’s ten year anniversary in the beauty business that has taken him around the world and has allowed him to touch the world’s most beautiful and famous faces like Tory Burch, Kelly Bensimon, Audra Mcdonald, Becki Newton, Mary Louise Parker, Maite Perroni, Sally Pressman, Dania Ramirez, Anna Deavere Smith.

The list of Gregg’s television work is impressive. His work has been seen on America’s Next Top Model cycle 14, Celebrity Apprentice, LX New York, and The Today Show. When it comes to runway looks, Gregg is behind the scenes creating looks for world’s hottest clothing designers like Carolina Herrera, Charles Nolan, Farrah Angsara, while working with many teams for Mercedes Benz fashion week in NYC and Elle Magazine’s fashion week in Bangkok.

In honor of Gregg’s ten year anniversary in the beauty industry, LiveLoveLeslie.com was able to score an exclusive interview with Gregg to discuss the subject of real beauty, discovering the hottest looks for summer 2011, geting the inside scoop on being a celebrity makeup artist, and find out the latest projects on Gregg’s packed calendar, one of which was Banana Republic’s latest fashion show.

1. Why become a makeup artist?

Once I retired from a long and successful career as a professional dancer, I needed something creative, fun, and easy on my body. Luckily enough, I was able to hear my intuition and act upon it’s suggestion for me to do makeup. I recognized that voice, because it told me to be a dancer as a kid. I knew enough to trust it. And what an amazing  journey it’s been.

2. What are your current projects?

I recently lead the f/w fashion show for Banana Republic for Le Metier de Beaute. I had a fantastic team and worked with Mario Diab of the Mario Diab salon. It was a beautiful show.

My most exciting projects involve me giving back to communities who are in desperate need of positive role models. Many of these kids happen to be at risk. I’m traveling to Baltimore, MD and giving a makeup workshop for about 150 young ladies.

In June, I have been asked to give the commencement address for Jane Adams Vocational High School in the Bronx. I felt teary because I take these request to my heart and prepare for them even harder than I do for my normal gigs. If I make a difference in the life of one young heart, then that is like I have won the lottery!!

3 . Who was/is your favorite celebrity client? Why?

Kelly Bensimon

I don’t like discussing my clients by name, especially if I want to keep them as clients. Being privy to personal information, and to them before they put on ” there work face” is the part of my job which I must handle delicately. I have become quite bored with our gluttony of everything celebrity. People are people and do things that people do.

My very best client can have a bad day and can make the working experience unpleasant. But I will say my one of my client experiences has been Kelly Bensimon of The Real Housewives of NY. She is really stunning as well as genuinely a kind soul.

4. What, in your opinion, makes a woman look/feel her most beautiful?

Self acceptance/self confidence. The ability to know exactly who you are and be comfortable in your skin: whether you have wrinkles, or are a few pounds overweight. I’m here [at the airport] in Dallas where the women seem to have defined what is beautiful for themselves, and really celebrate it. It is really magical to see. Beauty, like success, is determined by the individual.

5. It’s spring and women are starting to get more sun. What should women be most concerned with right now in their beauty regime?

Getting there skin ready. I would exfoliate both skin on face and bodies, getting rid of their dry winter skin. Switching out their heavier moisturizers for lighter creams. ( most of our skin is drier during the winter, especially if you live in a wintery climate like I do.

We all look and feel better once we have a bit more color, and I prefer safe sun, as in mystic and self tans. Make sure you use SPF either in your moisturizer or foundation, and never go into the sun without SPF for your body. This is one of the best anti aging tips!!!!

6.  What are the biggest make up/skin/hair care mistakes women can make? How can they fix them?

Using products which are wrong for them. So often women will use a product until its finished because she doesn’t want to waste money.

I often hear,” I’m just going to use up this product and replace it when it’s gone” . That is like wearing shoes that are too small until they are worn out. If it doesn’t work, release it.

Also not washing their makeup off at night. That has the be the cardinal sin of beauty!!! Get wipes, Korres makes Pomegranate face wipes that are divine! No greasy residue.


7.  What are the hottest colors to be wearing in makeup right now?

Right now it is about bold rich punch of matte lips color. It’s a throw back to the 90’s but with a twist. Go for Pinks, Reds, Orange, and Fushias to be on trend.


8.  What are the top products you recommend right now?

1. Skindinavia 10 Years Younger: Amazing product. You can use it under your makeup to prime, and over your makeup to set. I never do makeup without it! I even cheat and use it in place of moisturizer if I want to minimize the shine on the skin.

2. Fresh: Creme Ancienne:This cream has a recipe which dates back to the second century, where it was used as a salve to help wounds of people in battle. It is still being made small batches, in a monastery. It’s the one product I will gladly purchase.

3. Le Metier de Beaute: Flawless Finish Concealer has SPF 18′ contains Shea butter and vitamin A, is creamy but dries to a matte finish while providing wonderful coverage.

4. Clarisonic cleaning system. It is worth every penny!

Banana Republic Photo Credits: Sam Robinson
Permission for use by Gregg Hubbard

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