Can Christian Wives Be Sexy? Gail Crowder Says “YES!”

Can Christian Wives Be Sexy? Gail Crowder Says “YES!”
April 14, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Can Christian wives be sexy? According to Gail Crowder, a professional image consultant and speaker, the answer is “Yes!”

Through her two day conferences aptly called Bringing Sexy Back, Gail Crowder is answering the question most married women ask themselves: “How can I reignite the smoldering flames of our sex life into a raging fire?” With a panel of experts, Gail also plans to demystify the long ignored subject of marital sex within the context of the Christian faith by educating, inspiring, and enlightening the soul and awakening the libido.

Two and a half years ago, Gail Crowder and three of her friends were discussing the topic of sex, marriage, and faith around a table. Each woman, married between one year and twenty three years, acknowledged that the demands and responsibilities of life turned sex with their husbands from a pleasurable activity into a chore.


Gail, a professional image consultant by trade and a Christian by faith, knew that mixing sex and the Gospel was a greatly ignored subject in church pulpits on Sunday mornings. If Christian women aren’t getting positive and informative sexual education from the church, then where are they getting it from? Recognizing the need to provide sexual education and scripture-based guidance, Gail says she was divinely inspired to create a safe forum for Christian women to improve their marriages through their sex life.

“I think if we leave our own personal experiences and personal hang ups and go from the word of God, I believe that it will open up the eyes of the Church and that a lot of marriage ministries that are strong in the Church would be open to what we are doing.”

Gail says she enlisted the expert advice with speakers and experts like First Lady Joy Brown, Women’s Ministry Leader at True Vision Church in San Antonio, Texas, and Kim Reed-Butler a veteran cosmetologist, two women of a group of conference panelists who saw the value and necessity of her message that married good girls can be sexy with God’s blessing. Gails team also includes the cooperation of other speakers and educators including trainers from A Pole New You, an exotic fitness company that teaches women the art of seduction, and professional photographer Cindy Alderton a specialized in tasteful boudoir photo shoots for women.


With her team of experts, Gail helps women tackle the most common problem plaguing sex lives: communication. This lack of communication, Gail says, is what past participants say results in a lack of satisfaction in the bedroom.

“If you’re not walking away feeling fulfilled, then it’s a problem and it becomes a chore to have sex with your husband.” Gail explains, “We teach women how to say, ‘This is what makes me feel good,’ and ‘Can we try this position?'”

In addition to a lack of communication, Gail helps married women overcome the mental blocks standing in the way of a healthy and satisfying sex life. She says that men and women approach sex in different ways using, what she calls the Waffle and Spaghetti Analogy:

Men really do a good job of separating things. Men are like waffles and women are like spaghetti as men can compartmentalize every thing in their lives where women mix everything. After what I like to call “intense fellowships” otherwise known as arguments, men can hop into bed with no problem. Women are like spaghetti. If our days goes well, he calls us to tell us he loves us, the kids have done their homework, he’s started dinner, our girlfriends called us and we had a nice way home, and I’m looking pretty fit today – because we have those days that we’re fat – then he just might score tonight. We women mix all of those aspects. We take everything to heart and feel that we can’t prepare ourselves to be sexy tonight.

It’s in this analogy that Gail Crowder and fellow BSB speakers seek to help women bridge the gap between their mental approach to sex and the feeling of confidence necessary to communicate their sexual needs while offering practical advice and techniques with spiritual support.


The practical advice and techniques taught at the Brining Sexy Back Conference shed light on how to dress provocatively in the bedroom, playing sexy games, addressing the subject of sex toys and accessories, selecting lingerie and colors to enhance the female form, in addition to self care and beauty tips. In an anonymous, safe, and fun environment playfully decorated to enhance the senses, women are invited to share their frustrations, fears, and personal stories without the fear of judgement. Participants are given a gift bag so they can take home and apply everything they’ve learned during the conference with their husbands.

Gail says that participants report a transformation in their marriages – especially in their love life. A great number of the responses she has received are from happy husbands thrilled with the change they’ve seen in their wives and the greater physical and emotional connection they’ve achieved together.

“Husbands are asking me what have I done with their wives and when can she come back again!” Gail laughs, “Literally, husbands are the ones reaching out and saying that this is the best thing ever, reporting that the conversations they are having with their wives are wonderful.”

The next Bringing Sexy Back conference will take place Saturday, April 16th in Baltimore, Maryland and has been completely sold out. Gail says that she plans on taking these conferences around the world, spreading the message that “Good girls can do those things with their husbands”.

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