Essential Spring Rain Accessories

Essential Spring Rain Accessories
April 6, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

April showers brings may flowers. For those that live in areas of changing seasons, the spring rains can be a sign of warmer and brighter days. Take a look at my list for spring rain essentials based on my observations of French women during France’s rainy months.

Regardless of your budget or style you, too, can have these essential spring rain accessories. Dress like the classic French woman or create your own, personal twist!

Trench Coat

The classic trench coat is a sign of good taste for most urban dwellers as the classic lines and slimming cuts seem to flatter everybody. The trench coat is light enough to put in a bag, but warm and water proof enough to stave away cold rains and wind snaps. I use my Gap trench coat every time there’s a downpour and I can’t help but feel lovely.

Travel Umbrella

Umbrellas are handy when it’s raining and even greater to have around during unexpected rains come to ruin good hair days. I love my compact umbrella because I can throw it in my purse and forget about it until it rains. Large umbrellas are great for torrential downpours, when we just need something for average rainy days or something to get us to and from our cars, a travel sized umbrella, coupled with a trench coat will adequately do the job.

Samsonite makes a handy and affordable compact umbrella.


Rain Boots

I got my first pair of rain boots when I was ten years old from my grandma. Rainy days and misty mornings in the Washington State countryside were transformed into limitless settings for fun and fresh air. I felt that I could go anywhere as long as I was wearing my warm and water proof rain boots.

You can go anywhere, too, with a comfy pair of rain boots. The styles of rain boots have evolved over the past fifteen years allowing wearers to display any type of personality from classic to playful with fun designs like in the photo above from Dylan’s Candy Shop. I wear the classic yellow rain boots and I always get compliments. The great thing about rain boots is they come in a variety of prices from 10 bucks to well over 100, so anybody regardless of their budget can get a pair for themselves and stay warm and dry during rainy seasons.

Waterproof Hat

A waterproof hat like this fedora is an essential for keeping great hair dry. Even if you’re not having a great hair day thanks to all that humidity, then throw a hat on and call it a day.

I love my fedora as I feel it goes well with my classic yellow rain boots and trench coat. Some women like to go funky and get fun, pvc rain hats and fanciful coats and boots. Whatever your style may be, a hat that flatters your face can keep you dry and give you a put together look. Stop into a local hat shop and see what they’ve got. If the prices are too high, just get some advice from the shopkeeper and search online or at your local bargain shop for a great deal. I found my favorite fedora for five bucks on sale!

Tights and Pantyhose

For many women who live in climates that have long winters or are slow to warm, pattern and bright tights are a great way to usher in the warmth and color of spring.  Tights and panty hose are a lighter alternative to jeans and pants and provide coverage and warmth on chilly rainy days without all the weight. We Love Colors has a fun selection available for purchase online.

Image Courtesy of Jessica Quirk’s What I Wore


Scarves made of light fabric can provide the warmth we need from cool gusts of wind and the right amount of color to brighten an otherwise drab, rainy day. Tie a scarf around your neck or use one to cover your hair. French women don’t live without their scarves as scarves seem to provide endless utility.

Image courtesy of BoboChic

Waterproof Handbag

If you really want to go the extra mile in liquid impermeability, then a waterproof handbag is the way to go. Longchamp makes waterproof hang bags and their timeless style makes these particular bags a timeless wardrobe investment. If you can’t afford over 100 to 500 dollars for a handbag, there are more affordable alternatives in stores like Marshals, TJ Max, and online stores like Ebay.

What are your essential spring rain accessories? Share them here!

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