Spiritual Gifts That Money Can’t Buy: Joy

Spiritual Gifts That Money Can’t Buy: Joy
April 8, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Looking for something to give your husband/wife, partner, friends and loved ones? How about spiritual gifts? These are the gifts of joy, communication, peace, hope, trust, contentment, and compassion.

For the next seven days, I’m going to examine each spiritual gift and how you can give that gift in your daily life to those you love and to those around you.


“Joy is not in things, it is in us” Richard Wagner, 1923


The gift of joy is making ourselves and others feel happy to live and to go throughout our daily lives. Joy is a sense of gladness and is a contagious energy that others can feel. Joy allows us to see good and positivity in life, even if things are not always sunny or if things are difficult.

If we can give ourselves and others the gift of joy to be alive, we’re spreading love into the world and the result will be acts of kindness, compassion, and friendship. The awareness we experience allows us to take a step back and see all that we truly have – and there is a lot to be grateful and joyful for.


Give The Gift of Joy

The gift of joy is easy to give.

  • Tell a joke.
  • Share a smile.
  • Say a kind word.
  • Do an unexpected good deed.
  • Share your joys and positive news.
  • Help a friend or stranger in need.
  • Remind others of the good things in life.

I want to know your suggestions and ideas for spreading the gift of joy! Share them here!


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