The Questions Love App Helps To Answer Your Burning Relationship Questions

The Questions Love App Helps To Answer Your Burning Relationship Questions
May 4, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

No more turning to silly magazine quizzes to find out if he’s the one or if it’s time to make or break the relationship! The developers at Night & Day Studios have teamed up with clinical psychologist Dr. Elsbeth Martindale to create The Questions App, a smart and introspective tool for developing greater insight into your relationships, your partner, and dating in general.

Whether you’re a single gal or guy, in a marriage or long term relationship, or just want to determine your relationship IQ, you can contemplate tough relationship questions with personal insights from an experienced therapist without the big bill.

The Questions Love app guides users through 76 questions that focus on all the different aspects of a relationship: friends, acceptance, trust, listening, privacy, roles, and faults, and more.  Users can focus on one person or create multiple sessions to compare different potential partners or mates.

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Each question allows users to determine whether their answer is positive, negative, or unsure and if, during the session, a particular topic of interest pops up, the user can flip the card and discover a list of extended questions to explore further. If there is an area of concern, flag it, or stop at any point; at the end of each session, there is a review that compiles compares and contrasts the positive, negative, and unsure answers and highlights areas that the user needs to resolve.

During 25 years of experience, Dr. Martindale’s patients repeatedly requested a method of getting relationship guidance, so she created a 10 question index card set designed specially for teen clients contemplating physical relationships for the first time. Over time, Dr Martindale developed a list of 76 questions for a variety of ages and relationship statuses such as single, engaged, married, pregnant, and dating. Together, Night & Day Studios and Dr. Martindale developed The Questions to make sure you cover all the bases, explore what your priorities are, and discover what you really want to create with love.

The Questions app is available for iPhones and iPod Touches for $3.99, or you can try the free, lite version, which features 10 of the 76 questions.  Find both here: The Questions love app



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