Career Coach Obi Okere Helps Professionals Find Their Purpose

Career Coach Obi Okere Helps Professionals Find Their Purpose
May 11, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker enjoyed an exclusive and illuminating interview with Obi Okere, a career coach and team building expert in New York City, who with his company, HYPE Success, helps stressed out and frustrated professionals take their career from terrible to terrific. During our interview, L.J. Acker discovered how Okere found his purpose and continues to help other professionals develop theirs through coaching.

Join us for today’s part one, an inside look at Obi Okere’s mission and tomorrow’s part two, advice for becoming better team players and how men and women can unite their differences for exceptional collaboration.

When I asked Obi how he got his start into career coaching, he says the story begins shortly after he earned his electrical engineer degree, “I learned that my fellow graduate’s worst fears came true: they were working at jobs they didn’t like.”

Obi decided he didn’t want to pursue the career and opted for sales as a means of focusing his energies on helping people in a fun environment. During his sales experience,Obi looked around him and realized that when people are doing what they are passionate about, the concept of work transforms, thus igniting a passion for coaching other professionals who have lost their way on their career paths.

In 2008, Obi began coaching clients referred by friends for free. Once Obi’s reputation spread throughout New York, Hype Success has seen exponential growth because Obi says, “people get the value through career coaching through sharpening their individual focus on their values and marketing approach [to find a new job].”

Obi has taken his knowledge back to the community through speaking events and workshops in the greater NYC area by speaking to minority students and urban young professionals. He says his work seeks to “providing an outlet for young professionals to reach out with community service and networking.”

Obi Okere says his mission is to help professionals reduce workplace stress and anxiety by helping them identify their purpose and the joy that can be found in their careers. He says that when people enjoy their work, they go from hating their jobs to feeling fulfilled making them better leaders and community contributors.

“I want everybody to be doing the very thing they love,” says Obi, “The most heart attacks happen on the Monday morning – they are stressed out – if they were doing the things they love, it wouldn’t be a matter of hating going to work.”

Throwing a curve ball at Obi, I ask about the need for garbage men and other “unwanted” jobs in the world and the idealism that everyone can have their “dream job”. When responding to the criticism, Obi points out that everyone wants different things in life and what may seem like an unwanted job to one person is just a matter of personal perspective especially since the decline of American economy in the last four years,

Everybody wants different things – because we all operate from different perspectives – it’s based upon the perspective we’ve been born into and those we have created for ourselves. Some people have the priority for making a lot of money and they’ll gravitate towards a career and live towards that… some people’s main priority is not their career or money, it’s to service their family… for them, being able to build a family they love and care about is their main priority. Others like to service the community; even if their contribution to the community is small or if they’re not compensated highly for what they’re doing, they see the underlying purpose and as that’s what makes them happy.

In tomorrow’s post, read Obi’s advice for team work and how men and women can become better team players and make the most out of their collaborations.


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