Understanding Fear

Understanding Fear
May 13, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

“If you have fear of some pain or suffering, you should examine whether there is anything you can do about it. If you can, there is no need to worry about it; if you cannot do anything, then there is also no need to worry.” – Dalai Lama, 1989

Fear can either push us to be stronger people or can tear us down. Understand how fear works in our lives and how we can use fear in positive and negative ways.

Fear preys upon our worst fears and self doubt. It lies to us and tells us that we don’t have the power to achieve our visions and goals and it tells us that we’re incapable of strength in dealing with tough situations. Fear also magnifies minute details into overwhelming disasters.

We have to stop and ask ourselves if our fears are justified. Is what we’re afraid of really something to get worked up about? Are there simple ways of addressing our concerns in simple and practical ways? Sometimes, all is takes is getting another perspective or doing some research to dispel our worries.

If we have validated our fears as actual concerns, we can channel fear into a motivator to take action to aleviate the stresses we face and to create harmony in our world. The positive thing about fear is that it allows us to break plateaus; it helps us go beyond our comfort zone and to become more courageous and strong. Either by becoming spiritually stronger and more aware of what really is bugging us or challenging us to grow by choosing to go beyond our fears and do the right thing.

While fear can act as a temporary motivator, it’s important to avoid depending on fear on the long term. When we focus on our fears and the feeling of fear, we’re actually emotionally and spiritually inviting our fears to manifest themselves. As soon as we get the feeling of fear or thoughts, it’s a signal that tells us to STOP our current thought process and to begin focusing on the positive results that we’d like to experience.

We must avoid using fear as a means to control ourselves and others. Control by fear only works so long, but then we find that our motivation is zapped by negative thoughts and feelings bred by destructive behavior. When we’re scared, we tend to engage in behavior that doesn’t reflect our truest values and best selves.

What’s your take on fear? How do your alleviate your fears?



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