Sunday Scoop: Naked Statue of David Freaks Out Texan Mothers

Sunday Scoop: Naked Statue of David Freaks Out Texan Mothers
May 15, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

After a new homeowner in Abilene, Texas decided to erect (no pun intended) a nude statue of David, the neighborhood moms had a tough time swallowing (no pun intended) the visual.

The mothers in the neighborhood called their local television station (because that’s how we solve petty problems in America) to peer pressure the homeowners to take the man down, even though they haven’t mustered up the courage to discuss the issue face to face.

I found it hilarious when the mom says she doesn’t know what to say to her kid when they’re asked about the body part on the statue. I’m not an expert in child psychology, but the short answer is a penis, folks. And why does seeing body parts have to automatically be associated with sex?

I’m numb to seeing boobs and penises. Perhaps it’s because I see it daily on just about every statue in every town in Europe. I don’t see any mentally scarred kids and freaked out moms calling the local news channel. But then again, we’re crazy liberal socialists.

If a homeowner wants to put a tacky replica of one of western art’s greatest pieces in front of his track home, then he should be allowed to do so. It doesn’t surprise me that these are the same people who freak out about the right to bear arms (and potentially kill somebody), but they are more worked up about an anatomically correct statue. These desperate housewives should consider themselves so lucky; when’s the last time they’ve seen a man with that kind of figure in Texas?

(sarcastic rant over)


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