Top 10: Most Viewed Articles For April

Top 10: Most Viewed Articles For April
May 19, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

In case you’ve missed these popular articles, you’ve got a chance to find out what other LiveLoveLeslie readers enjoyed in April. Check out the list of April’s most viewed articles.

1. Meme of The Day: The Honey Badger As Narrated By Randall

The “crazy, nasty ass” honey badger just takes what it wants. The narrating persona of Christopher Zane Gordon, Randall, takes nature films to a whole new level.

Sassy, sarcastic, and hilarious, LiveLoveLeslie readers just love this honey badger that just takes what it wants!



2. Sunday Scoop: The Cruelest Thing Done To A Dog

Animal abuse? Torture? This dog is salivating like crazy and can’t get an ounce of satisfaction. A real “treat” for dog owners.





3. Life Size Barbie’s Freak Proportions Raises Eating Disorder Awareness

Does Barbie contribute to an unhealthy and sometimes life threatening obsession with beauty? Galia Slayen, a college sophomore, created a life size version of America’s beloved toy to raise the discussion and awareness of body image issues and eating disorders.




4.  Can Christian Wives Be Sexy? Gail Crowder Says “YES!”

Can Christian wives be sexy? According to Gail Crowder, a professional image consultant and speaker, the answer is “Yes!”

Through her two day conferences aptly called Bringing Sexy Back, Gail Crowder is answering the question most married women ask themselves: “How can I reignite the smoldering flames of our sex life into a raging fire?” With a panel of experts, Gail also plans to demystify the long ignored subject of marital sex within the context of the Christian faith by educating, inspiring, and enlightening the soul and awakening the libido.


5. 10 Famous Quotes On Mothers For Mothers Day

L.J. Acker’s list of favorite Mother’s Day quotes to celebrate, honor, and cherish mothers around the world on Mother’s Day and everyday.



6. 7 Best iPhone Apps For Women

Busy women want the best apps to make their lives simpler. This list includes a recipe generator, first aid instructions and advice, helping women become better professionals, cooks, wives, and mothers.




7. Creative Self Promotion: Ecological Business Cards

Check out this nothing new but a creative, affordable, and simple method of getting yourself remembered.




8. Application Review: The P&O Tracker Helps Women Plan Their Pregnancies

Whether you want to postpone motherhood to fast track conception, readers loved this review of the P&O tracker and interview with it’s developer,  Dr. Tom Gustafson.




9. The Inspirational Story of Tara Swicicki

At 33, Tara Swicicki is the blogger of the new, hit website where everyday gardeners and beginners can find tips, instructions, and videos on all things gardening.

On the surface, Tara Swicicki is just your average stay at home mom balancing motherhood, marriage, and life. Peel back the layers that make the woman, and you’ll find a horticulturalist with a boundless enthusiasm and determination for living and the heart of a poet.


10. Essential Spring Rain Accessories

April showers brings may flowers. For those that live in areas of changing seasons, the spring rains can be a sign of warmer and brighter days. Take a look at my list for spring rain essentials based on my observations of French women during France’s rainy months.

Regardless of your budget or style you, too, can have these essential spring rain accessories. Dress like the classic French woman or create your own, personal twist!



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