RELAX! 6 Ways To Bust Stress

RELAX! 6 Ways To Bust Stress
May 20, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Are you feeling stressed out right now? Got worries and anxieties weighing you down? Check out my list of six ways to bust that stress!

Have Sex

When women are stressed out, sex is the last possible thing we want to do. We feel ugly, we’re worried, and we’re anxious: how can we feel sexy with everything on our shoulders?

Fortunately, men are great at dropping negativity at the bedroom door and are eager and wonderful helpers. Just ask your husband to join you in the sack and ask him to lead the way. The only rule is to be open minded and to be ready to laugh. I know whenever I’m super stressed out and the Mr. is saying silly, romantic things all I can do is laugh deeply and focus on the positive attention.

The post coital pillow talk can leave you and your spouse in a relaxed state of mind to get to the heart of issues and concerns. Besides giving pleasure, he can also give some insight or great ideas to help remove your stress.

Call / Spend Time With A Friend

Sometimes, all we need is a kind and compassionate ear to just listen to what is bothering us. Having a positive way to discuss the major issues we face and to hear honest and loving feedback can significantly reduce or completely eliminate stress.

When we talk with a friend, we are not afraid to cry, to release our emotions, and to get to the root of our fears. A good friend won’t just listen, but they’ll help you see things from a more objective (and often realistic) point of view.

In some cases, you might not even talk about your issues. Simply being in the presence of a happy and friendly person can be all the healing you need!

Get Out of The House /Workplace for a little while

Sometimes, it’s necessary to completely remove ourselves from a situation or a place that harbors negative energies. This can mean simply stepping out of the office for half an hour to calm down and refocus or leaving the house for a few hours to relax and get some fresh air.

Just remember to let others know when you’ll return and that you simply need the space to calm yourself down and to regroup your thoughts.


Exercising is one of the best ways to eliminate stress and release negative energy. When we’re just focusing on our positions, breathing, and repetitions, we’re removing negative thoughts and feelings from our system and replacing them with constructive thoughts and behavior.

Just don’t push yourself too far. The goal is to feel healthy and happy, but to punish our bodies.

Write In A Journal

Whenever I’m feeling really angry or scared, I write in a journal and put my negative thoughts into one enclosed place and I leave them there. Writing down my fears and frustrations allows me to be honest with myself and discover why the situation is really bugging me. Sometimes, I look back to remind myself that those worries were generally unfounded and other times, I just toss the page into the garbage because that’s where negativity belongs.

Groom Yourself

When we’re too busy worrying, we tend to neglect our grooming and self care habits. Give yourself a pedicure or go get a hair cut or something nice done to make yourself look and feel pretty. Physically focus on taking care of yourself and your mind will follow.

Focusing on relaxing and self care sends yourself the message that it’s perfectly OK to pause time to care for ourselves and to give ourselves the breaks we need to look and feel wonderful. The process of getting a massage, doing our nails, getting a new haircut can make us feel renewed, energized, and more peaceful. Physical and emotional maintenance helps us endure longer.

How do you bust stress and find relaxation? Share your methods here!


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