Improve Your Posture With Easy Pilates Exercises

Improve Your Posture With Easy Pilates Exercises
May 31, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Back and shoulder pain is a common problem amongst men and women who spend all day working at a desk, picking up children, or just don’t spend much time working on their posture. Check out an eight minute pilates video that will not only help rid of back pain, but strengthen your muscles to improve your posture and give you sexy shoulders.

Because I spend a couple hours a day seated at my desk, I forget to watch my posture but end up with souvenirs of headaches and stiff back and shoulders. I ran into this fantastic video from the Youtube channel Balanced Body Pilates that has nearly 400 videos including the following video on improving rounded backs.

Just under 8 minutes, you can strengthen your back to reduce pain and discomfort and get fantastic looking shoulders.


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