Women Riding Longboards Throughout Madrid

Women Riding Longboards Throughout Madrid
June 2, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker


Juan Rayos made a fresh and fun film of a group of spanish women who belong to an international longboarding group called Longboard Girls Crew in Madrid.

The group says they were tired of being a minority in male dominated skate crews, so they created their own to celebrate the sport, their talents, and good energy. The group is open to men, too.

If you’re interested in supporting the group, getting connected, or learning how to longboard, visit their Longboard Girls Crew official facebook fanpage.

This video reminds me that we need to break out our longboard during our summer vacation on the cote d’azur. The last time I skateboarded was when I was 16 and had a boyfriend tow me on the back on his truck for speed and…. nevermind.


Image courtesy of Longboard Girls Crew official facebook fanpage

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