Jam of The Day: Mungo Jerry’s In The Summertime

Jam of The Day: Mungo Jerry’s In The Summertime
June 22, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

After a few days of rain here in Annecy, we’ve been blasted with a wave of hot humid afternoons. The feeling brings me back to growing up in north Florida where hot, steamy days can seem to suck the breath right out of people.

I am specifically brought back to my college days where in the evening after a summer rain storm, I’d take my beach cruiser and ride it down to the nearby grocery store loading up a paper bag with water melon, fruits, and drinks for the night. I remember the humidity creating beads of sweat and my sunglasses fogging up the moment I’d walk through the sliding doors and into the air conditioned market.

Summer awakens in us a lighter, more buoyant version of ourselves. Where everything is alright and nothing, come rain or heat, can ruin the liberation of summer. Even more so in France where July and August incites a wave of vacationers that shut down their offices for much needed rest and relaxation.

Thousands of people make their way, despite traffic and arm and leg gas prices, to the sea, to make as much love and laughter as possible wearing as little as possible with iced libations in hand. We make our ways to find old friends and family members in mass migration to reunite and recreate happy moments shared in the summer season, that fade quickly and reluctantly into fall.

So, celebrate summer and its beauty with this jam of the day. Put the top down, get your hair wet, and get some sun. Recharge those batteries in good company with a stellar view if you can.


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