Even Pooches Need R&R

Even Pooches Need R&R
August 22, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker


On the evening of our arrival in Cavalaire and after a long five hour drive, we decided to take a short walk and jog with the dogs to stretch the muscles and get some fresh air. It seemed that after the first day, both Gwen and Peaches got cramps from the run and from sleeping on tile after we (more like Mr J, but I’m not assigning blame here) absentmindedly forgot their giant dog bed at the house.

Our poor little pooches were left limping for the first few days until we could hustle some old pillows from generous friends. After calling our vet back home, she advised us to give our the girls some baby aspirin to ease the pain and rest the muscles.

For two days following, Ms Peach got to enjoy being carried along the beach to her usual summer sniffing spots. After a few days of R&R, both dogs were back in shape to visit some doggy friends in the French country side. It seemed that the fresh country air and the big boy dogs did the trick, because they were off and running around the estate in no time.


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