Unwitting Grandma Reads Go The F*CK To Sleep

Unwitting Grandma Reads Go The F*CK To Sleep
August 22, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Warning: The following videos are verbally explicit!

My mom is extremely conservative and saying “bad words” is out of the question, but I have no doubt that she’s thought these things. When my mother-in-law, Sylvie, asked me about our childhood sleeping habits, I told them my parents put us to sleep around 8PM and sometimes (usually) tricked us into bed at 7:00 and 7:30PM. “It’s 8PM, time for bed…” When we could obviously tell time at eight years old.

Sylvie told me the kids had to be in their rooms at 8:00PM (for their sanity) but had to stay in there. They could play with toys, read, whatever as long as they stayed in their rooms. Obviously, this was before cell phones, computers, and every other mind-numbing, sleep-preventing contraption.

The following video is pretty funny. This grandmother, who is very much like my mom in accent and mannerisms, is shocked to find some uncouth literature.

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Got kids? Any nightmares in getting your kids to sleep? What were your childhood bedtime habits?


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