Eymeric’s Hintertux Video Journal: World’s Best Snowboarders At Play

Eymeric’s Hintertux Video Journal: World’s Best Snowboarders At Play
August 24, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

While rummaging around my computer, looking for video clips of my vacations in Cavalaire, I found some year old videos in an plainly dated folder of some snowboarders. When I opened it up, I was pleasantly surprised to find some of the world’s greatest snowboarders all in one place and some silly self taken videos of my husband’s former intern.

Mr J works in snowboard marketing and a great deal of his work involves with side to side with professional riders to help them develop what’s cool for them and for regular snowboarders. He spends many weeks a year traveling to different resorts, testing gear, and talking with pros. Last year, Mr J went to Hintertux in Austria for some work and left my video camera, a Flip camcorder, in the hands of his then intern, Eymeric, to record product tests. Instead, all Eymeric did was film a couple pros try on boots and the majority of the time catching pros hanging out and hitting the slopes for some fun. As you’ll soon discover, it’s hard to stay mad at Eymeric. He’s just adorable, like a happy little puppy.

The video features some of the world’s greatest snowboarders, like Jed Anderson and Chris Grenier who are known for their effortless jib style. Lou Paradis is the authority in the industry and has mad technical skills. Bode Merrill is known for his wild backcountry riding, doing what nobody dares to do. There’s Josh Dirksen, who did the highest backside air of all tiem. Desiree Melancon leads the way in women’s snowboarding. Scotty Arnold is super well-known in his Park City, Utah playground. Taka Nakai is the Japanese version of Bode Merrill, charging down gigantic mountains.

If you’re not into snowboarding, then this video has no relevance to your life. If you’re a big snowboarding fan, then I hope you enjoy this little nugget of fun.


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