Jam of The Day: Hurricane Jane by Black Kids

Jam of The Day: Hurricane Jane by Black Kids
August 26, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Today’s jam of the day is Hurricane Jane one of my personal favorites Black Kids. The band was formed in 2006 in my hometown of Jacksonville, Florida and led by Reggie Youngblood.

This song reminds me of my single days: late nights, lots of foreign beer, flirting and averting, and the drama and delights of single life. My friends used to laugh that those years of my life best resemble the details of an Anais Nin novel.

I remember when I was about fourteen when Reggie was in a local ska punk Christian band named Honeylocust. My friends and I were lurking around their van after their set at the Orange Park fair when I saw Reggie and his girlfriend at the time, Sheila. I didn’t have anything on me, so I grabbed an old Dairy Queen bag I found on the ground and asked him and the rest of the band to sign it, including his Sheila. He laughed at how creative I was to just grab anything for an autograph. I still have that thing in one of my scrapbooks.

Anyway, I have always liked what Reggie and his band mates have put out over the years and I think you will, too.



A fun remix


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