How To Travel The World On The Cheap A Video By Graham Hughes

How To Travel The World On The Cheap A Video By Graham Hughes
August 21, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Graham Hughes makes an excellent video covering 20 tips on how to travel the world on a shoe string budget. For those with a desire to see and experience the world through international travel, this video is for you.

I could have used this video to show to a friend two months ago when my brother’s best friend, Chad, showed up at my door with no travel itinerary and no clue how to travel the world. I spent a week helping him set up his next destination. Chad, having never traveled before, came to Europe eyes wide open, but naive for what was in store.

One tip that isn’t mentioned in Graham’s video is to have a language translator devise or a book or pamphlet with images to make communications much easier. Take it from someone who has learned to communicate in French with individuals from every continent on the globe: pictures help! The video below features a review of the Kwikpoint International Translator.

Got any tips for international travel?


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