Apples and Oranges: Broken Computer

Apples and Oranges: Broken Computer
September 2, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

While my Mac is in the Apple hospital getting back into shape, I can’t edit or share any photos or videos of my time in Cavalaire. All this explains my radio silence for the past few days. The dang thing went in on Saturday and it’s still in the shop. I know I’m not supposed to compare, but if this was America, it’d be fixed already! When the guy told me it’d be a week (at least) until I got it back, I made this exact face:

I didn’t think he saw what I did, but he did and burst into laughter. Either he laughed because he understood the reference, or laughed at the fact that the stupid American would actually have to live without her computer. Not sure….

One thing is for sure, I was lucky to have finished my last freelance project for August before my guy best friend and computer geek on call advised me to send my Apple in for repair. Thank you, J!

So, for the past week, I’ve been using my little baby netbook to cruise the internet and since I don’t have a personal Facebook page anymore to spend hours uselessly lurking on my friends and family’s pages  I’ve had a lot more free time, like reading (even more) books and doing useful things (so they say) like cleaning and organizing. Which, I don’t think my husband likes too much because all this free time makes me even more OCD on cleaning than I already am… I SAID NO CLUTTERED COUNTERS!!!!

We also got an American intern staying with us until he can find his first European flat, which with his budget is likely to be a rat invested travesty downtown with a bunch of other interns, but at least he’ll have a nice view of the lake while he hears the neighbors next door flush their toilet.  We took him to buy a bike, showed him where to get groceries (aka beer), and we’ll be helping him set up a bank account so he can stash his riches (intern salary) while he’s here. He promised to teach us how to fly fish, so that’ll be fun.

I’ll be meeting author Andy Brabon this week to pick up his second book on Provencal Cuisine to review over the weekend. I’ll be selecting low fat dishes because I gained 5 pounds over vacation. Lord, give me the strength to do more than five sit ups!

Enjoy the weekend!


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