Remembering 9-11

Remembering 9-11
September 12, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Yesterday was one of those days where one reflects on a day in their life that from that point on, one realizes their life will never be the same. It’s like getting married, or birthing a child, or losing a loved one to death. It’s one of those irreversible incidents that changes the course of history in an irreversible way.

I was sitting in my high school marine biology class when our teacher flipped on the TV after being told of the news by a colleague. It was at that moment when we witnessed the second jetliner hitting the second of the Twin Towers and I honestly thought it was a movie or some elaborate joke. Growing up in a special effects society gave some of us students a minute of disbelief that these terrorist attacks could be real, but seeing the frightened faces of the New Yorkers, the reality suddenly sank in.

From that day on, I knew we Americans would be living in a different world on all sorts of levels, levels that I had yet to understand. 9-11 was one of the reasons why I chose to study international affairs, because I wanted to understand the “War On Terror” and its context within an ever expanding global economy and how both effect average Americans like myself.

10 years later, I’m living in Europe, married to a foreigner, and life has moved on. 9-11 was one of those days that demanded maturity, to better understand the world as a whole and its different people, rather to shrink in fear and turn to hatred against the unknown. For me, 9-11 represents that we Americans are not alone in the world and that our actions and decisions at home and abroad have a profound effect on others in both positive and negative ways. The consequences of such affects can reach us on deeply public and private levels, leaving to us to decide how we’ll respond and react from each moment onward.

How have you been affected by 9-11? What have the events of that day inspired you to do? How has your life changed since then?


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