Managing Online Passwords

Managing Online Passwords
September 16, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

I’m not sure how others manage their online passwords, but I keep them different from site to site. My tech friends always warn me to keep long, random, case sensitive passwords and never to use the same ones on different sites. This is smart, but what happens when you forget your password?

It was getting so hard remember all of them that I had to create a printed sheet encased in a plastic sleeve to list all of the websites, usernames, and passwords for myself and for Mr J. We’re at two pages of passwords now and the list keeps getting longer! Since we keep the list hidden from prying eyes, we can freak out when we can’t remember where we last put the sheet and need a password right away.

When my computer was in the shop for two (long) weeks, I had to use my little netbook for internet cruising and to manage some client files. It was a giant hassle because I had forgot my passwords which are usually saved on my other computer and had to check my sheet, which didn’t have the new passwords that I needed thus beginning the long and annoying process of having to change my password while enduring the long, but necessary process, of user verification and so forth. I must have gone through this process about ten times and still didn’t bother to write down the new passwords thinking, “I’ll get back to it later!” That didn’t happen, because who wants to sit down and write down a measly password when they’re doing something really important right now?

So, my morning will consist of going through all our passwords and ensuring their accuracy on our little password cheat sheet. I have to do this today or I never, ever will. Next week will have a few fun reviews: one about Andy Brabon’s latest cookbook and another about DVD scrapbooks.

How do you manage all of your family’s passwords? Keep the same one? Do you keep a log? Share your habits and tips with me and other readers.


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