Video Journal: Mr J Goes Fly Fishing

Video Journal: Mr J Goes Fly Fishing
September 16, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

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Mr J and I tagged along with his intern, Pat, to learn how fly fishing is done here in Annecy. On a rainy Saturday, we watched the Utah native tempt the local fish with his bait and casting techniques. Mr J thought he’d learn how to cast under Pat’s supervision and my camera’s watchful eye. After several warnings from Mr J to watch my steps on the river’s slippery boulders, he was able to learn from his own advice and hilarity ensued, creating a genuine Mr J moment.

I sent this video to family and as soon as he checked his inbox and watched the video, Mr J’s dad, also named Pat, called the house, to laugh at a similar moment when Mr J went fishing as a kid. I guess Mr J should stick to surfing and swimming and leave the fishing to others.

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