Meme of The Day: Webcam 101 For Seniors

Meme of The Day: Webcam 101 For Seniors
September 17, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

After weeks of not finding anything worthy enough for Meme of The Day, I’ve finally got a gem to share with you today.

A cute, golden couple are learning how to use their webcam and they unwittingly record some candid moments. At 1:50, you’ll discover that sex is still very much on a senior’s mind.

This video discovery comes at a time where I’ve given my parents the gift of a website so they, too, can share their stories with the public. Naturally, I’ll be taking care of all the “webmaster” stuff, but they’ll have to learn the basics of the internets and backstage management which I’m sure is going to give my brother, who is responsible for helping them in person, a headache as undoubtedly he’ll have to repeat everything at least five times. Ah, baby boomers and the internet.


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