Product Review: Digital Scrapbooks From Tricked Out Media

Product Review: Digital Scrapbooks From Tricked Out Media
September 19, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

After a special event like a vacation, family reunion, baby shower, or holiday do you ever find that you’ve got a ton of photos on your digital camera and realize that, in order to share them, you’ve got a beastly job ahead of you? That’s how I always feel, anyway, as I’m the only person in my family who is the considered the “designated photographer and distributer” of family memories.

Of course, all this snapping away doesn’t stop at the end of a great family moment. I have to take the photos home, edit them, upload them somewhere, go through the printing process and, if I’ve got a few spare hours, turn them into a digital scrapbook, which in recent years has become all the rage, to share with family all over the globe. Sharing memories, however wonderful, can be a giant undertaking for busy women like myself who want to preserve and share every moment without having to kill hours in front of a computer screen trying to learn how to use a video scrap booking program.

At a time in my life where sharing is easier, yet ever so time consuming and complicated, I wondered to myself if there was a way to simply drop off my photos to someone who could take my memories and turn them into something entertaining and beautiful to share. With so many online services out there, it was hard to know who to trust with making my memories shine, but that all changed when I met Shannon and Brian Smith, the husband and wife duo of, who specialize in creating DVD scrapbooks out of Clinton, Utah.

After talking with Shannon Smith about their DVD scrapbooks and testing their service myself, I felt Tricked Out Media was like having a friend with a passion for preserving memories and the technical know-how who says, “I can do that for you!” No longer burdened by the stress of having to assemble a DVD myself, I simply went on with my life and before I knew it, that friend delivered the final product right to my front door. All I had to do next was pop the disk into the DVD player and reminisce the memories of my brother’s first snowboarding trip and my best friend visiting my home here in France.

Shannon and Brian Smith take the time consuming and technical process out of creating a digital scrapbook, so all one has to do is share, enjoy, and relive life’s milestones. All of which are conveniently preserved in a little DVD. The process is simple and is excellent for those with limited computer skills: Simply choose your favorite 15 to 54 photos and favorite song in .mp3 version, put them into a zip file, go to their website,, upload the zip file onto their site under your selected theme (out of 79 layouts), check out with a payment and Brian Smith takes care of the rest. After seven to ten business days, you’ll recieve your ready to play DVD digital scrapbook enclosed in a DVD case with professionally designed cover and disk label in the mail.

Tricked Out Media Digital Scrapbooks are three to five minutes long depending on the length of your song selection, so they’re perfect for sharing and reliving memories with family and friends without having to subject them to the dreaded “How long will I have to sit through this?” feeling. Shannon tells me that there will eventually be an option of adding chapters to a disk which will have multiple digital scrapbooks.

Shannon and Brian Smith

Each theme is designed by Brian Smith, himself, who has a longstanding passion for design and preserving memories which he first began employing for his fellow servicemen during his tour of Iraq while serving in the U.S. NAVY. Brian has since turned this passion into a full-time business with Shannon in May of 2011. With this experience under his belt, Brian understands how important moments are for families who live far away or even down the street and applies his design abilities and technical prowess for creating an affordable way to share and preserve memories.

Tricked Out Media digital scrapbooks are only $24.99 plus shipping; a steal considering how I, with years of experience, can spend hours making a 3 minute home video, not including a case cover and DVD label, a finished result that isn’t nearly as creative or high quality as a Tricked Out Media digital scrapbook. This price is comparatively lower than other online services that don’t offer a personal touch and attention. Their service eliminates the time/cost investment of having to purchase and learn a digital scrap booking program.

Tricked Out Media digital scrapbooks are perfect for busy parents and professionals, those with basic internet browsing experience, parents and grandparents with limited computer skills, and anyone who wants to cut out the long and frustrating process of having to assemble a high quality digital scrapbook. If you want a 4 x 6 hard bound version to go with your digital scrapbook, Tricked Out Media can do that, too, for $34.99 for the book and $49.99 for the book and DVD package.

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When it comes to using digital scrapbooks for events, Tricked Out Media digital scrapbooks are wonderful for engagement parties, family reunions, roasts, weddings, business parties and other social gatherings. They make great post party favors so attendees an relive moments after an event without having to worry about taking their own photos. Ordering multiple copies is easy and affordable, simply make a request with Shannon Smith by email.

While the the process is simple and stress free, Shannon is available by e-mail and by phone to walk customers through any situation should any issue arise, further hitting home the experience that a trusted friend is taking care of your scrapbooking needs for you.

Below is the sample Tricked Out Media made for me. Instead of individual photos, I decided to create photo collages to capture moments in the first 6 months of 2011. The photo collages went in flawlessly and the theme captured the international feel of my life here in Europe. If I can give a tip, I suggest customers order their photos by number if one has a chronological need to display their images.

From the Smith family to yours, Tricked Out Media digital scrapbooks are stress-free, professionally designed, and come with personal service to preserve all of your treasured memories.

For more information and to order your own digital scrapbook, visit

Call or write:

Shannon & Brian Smith

Tricked Out Media
1819 N. 725 W.
Clinton,UT 84015
Monday-Saturday 8am-9pm(MST)

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