Marc Martel: Freddie Mercury Reincarnated?

Marc Martel: Freddie Mercury Reincarnated?
September 22, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

The funny thing that makes my music tastes pretty diverse is that I grew up in a home with two polar opposites in genre. My mom listened to nothing but gospel and Christian pop making names like Keith Green and Michael W Smith audio staples. My dad listened to hard rock and country, so it wasn’t unusual to find Jimi Hendrix and ACDC in the mix, Queen being one of the favorites.

As a Queen fan, I was blown away to see the following video of this guy, Marc Martel, sounding just like Freddie Mercury. Martel filmed the video as a part of an audition in honor of Queen’s 40th anniversary, where Queen drummer, Roger Taylor, started a national talent search to find someone to perform along with the Queen live tour. This guy definitely deserves some attention, if not win the talent search. Good luck, Marc!

For those who are into Christian music, I just found a version of Keith Green’s “Back To Egypt” sung by Marc Martel. He must have grown up in the same musical atmosphere as me!

Another video with him singing Bohemian Rhapsody.


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