When God Calls You To Work, He’ll Give You The Tools To Get The Job Done

When God Calls You To Work, He’ll Give You The Tools To Get The Job Done
September 25, 2011 Marissa


Edited by L.J. Acker

For further reading, refer to Exodus 3:4, 35:31-35, 1 Kings 7:14

When Moses was wandering through the desert alone, he began to question himself and God and wondered about the people he had left behind in Egypt who were crying out for freedom. Then, one day, he noticed a bush with an inextinguishable blaze. Curious and compelled, he went to investigate the cause of the mysterious fire. Upon arriving at the flame, a voice called out and said, “Moses, here I am,” and that voice was God’s.

God’s voice addressed Moses’ most private questions regarding his purpose and what to do about the people he had left behind in Egypt. It was there that God tasked Moses with a job, a rod, and even referred specific individuals with talents and wisdom that would help Moses complete his seemingly impossible mission of freeing his people.

The same goes for us when God calls us with a purpose. He’s not going to send us without resources, because God will send, at the right moment, the tools and people with the necessary wisdom and knowledge to accomplish our objectives. We don’t have to know everything to follow the Lord. All that God asks of us is to respond to the call and he’ll take care of the rest.

However, we get so caught up in the fear of responsibility that we use it as an excuse to say that we’re not prepared to answer God’s calling for our lives. God isn’t the type of employer that sends his workers to a job site without the tools or basic understanding of what stands before us and even if we feel lost, He will send the Holy Spirit or the right person to stand by your side should you fall or make a mistake. And God is certainly not going to fire you, either. He’ll work with you until the job is done.

As a result of knowing that God won’t ever fire us, we choose to quit when things get too tough. Why?

#1. Because it can be really hard to stay disciplined and focused on God’s will.

#2. We simply refuse to do what is asked of us.

#3. We don’t want to commit our minds, bodies, and lives to a calling beyond ourselves.

#4. We’re afraid. Afraid of the unknown, of embarrassment, failure, etc.

Rest in knowing that despite the fact that God knows our fears, He’s willing to help us work through them. No matter the job God assigns us, even if we’re simply assigned with just being the best wife, husband or parent possible, we must know that God will be there to help and guide us through, providing the resources and the rewards along the way.

Rather than being true to our calling and who we are, as deserving, loved, children of God, we quit our calling and its associated responsibilities, because we choose a more “convenient”,  seemingly easier way of living. We mislead ourselves to believe that we can avoid pressure, fears, commitment and still reap the rewards of our calling. Instead, we can choose to spend our entire lives avoiding our purpose.

The rewards and satisfaction don’t come to those who quit, but to those who persevere. I can say from personal experience that one of my greatest tasks was raising my children. If I had decided to quit on my duty and quit my children, I would not have the reward of seeing them succeed throughout their lives. Was I a perfect mother all of the time? No. I just stayed on track with the help and grace of God. I didn’t quit because sometimes the success of others is determined by our perseverance. As with Moses, sometimes our purpose isn’t about us: it’s about others.

If Moses had decided to never take on the task or quit half way through, the people of Israel would still be in bondage today and Moses would have lived the rest of his life without the blessing of a freed people and the unity with God.

What is your life’s calling? Have you begun a journey that you felt unprepared for? Have you ever tired running from your purpose or responsibilities? How did it turn out?


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