Ding Dong The Mac Is Back

Ding Dong The Mac Is Back
September 12, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

After two weeks of being in the shop, my Mac is back and is running at full force (knock on wood). I’ll be editing photos and videos and putting them together for your enjoyment in the coming days. I can finally work on a 24 inch screen, using an American keyboard rather than using a 13 inch screen with a French keyboard. Sheesh!

I’ve talked with my mom, Marissa, about having her contribute to my blog, so each sunday, she’ll be posting her sunday sermons as Sister Marissa. Updates are sure to come in the coming weeks.

I’ve got a hilarious video of Mr J almost falling into the river while fly fishing and some other great videos to share. Tomorrow, I’ve got a video of my trip Cavalaire coming. Believe me, all your patience will be rewarded.



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