Kate Gosselin Alienates Audiences With Mediocre Life Comments

Kate Gosselin Alienates Audiences With Mediocre Life Comments
September 14, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

My mom always tells me, “Never forget where you come from.” Seems like Kate Gosselin didn’t get that memo.

Kate Gosselin visited the Today show with Matt Lauer (who will forever be known in my mind for being on Land of The Lost) to discuss the cancellation of her show Kate Plus 8, previously known as Jon And Kate Plus 8, and what she plans to do after finale of the TLC hit. Kate says she plans to continue a life in television unlike her ex-husband Jon, who failed miserably (and publicly) to climb the social and financial echelons of celebrity and has since returned to a normal life and job. The mother of eight has likened herself as a celebrity and a fixture on the reality television scene and said going back to a normal life like her ex-husband is mediocre.

Naturally, her comments not only alienated her audience, but enraged them especially during a time where millions of American parents are struggling to do their best for their families. Kate backtracked on Twitter saying, “2clarify re ‘mediocre’ – I meant this job is not a career acc 2 jon but tv is 4 me & is hard but will prov best opps 4 my kids vs nursing!”

Kate has gone from being a normal, average mom showing the world how she and her average husband made a living, a life, and a family of ten with average means to living in a secluded mansion, rubbing elbows with other famous personalities, and struggling to maintain celebrity status. She’s removed herself so far from her audience that, Kate’s right, there’s no going back to her old image and lifestyle without having to retract from the public eye.

Sure, with the help of a good agent and publicist, Kate can go on to find other work in the television realm. However, with these kinds of statements, she’s pushing away the type of “mediocre” people who watch her shows and buy her products. The diva reputation that Kate has developed over the years has diminished her likability and consequently her marketability, especially since the world of reality television is in a constant search for fresher personalities. If audiences can’t relate with or at the very least like Kate, a successful transition into another television job seems unlikely.

I’m sure others are wondering what she’s been doing with the money she and her children have earned over the years. One would like to think that she could very well downsize her lifestyle and invest her income into a sustainable income so that she could, if she chose to, retreat into a private life, giving more attention to her children. If anything, this type of move, in any instance, would communicate the knowledge to her audiences (and her children) that nothing lasts forever and that planning for career and life changes is the smart thing to do.

The rise and fall of reality stars has proven that the speed of the tumble is twice as fast as the ascent. Struggling against the very system and consequently the audience that initially puts one on a media pedestal requires a great amount of grace and self editing. Alienating herself from her supporters seems like the first step to career suicide and could inadvertently put her back into a “mediocre” lifestyle.

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  1. Lou 6 years ago

    I always hated her. She acted if she was Haley Berry or something…. Hoe!

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