Video Journal: Lou’s First Snowboarding Trip

Video Journal: Lou’s First Snowboarding Trip
October 4, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Since Mr J is out of town, I’ve had the peace and quiet necessary to organize all of our photos and videos from 2011 thus far which is definitely into the thousands.

While organizing, I found some photos and home videos of my brother’s first snowboarding trio here in the French alps and after talking with him this morning, I was inspired to make this video just for him.

Lou’s first trip takes place at La Clusaz here in the French alps just 45 minutes away from my town. He was very lucky to ride with entirely new gear: boots, bindings, board, and even clothes that hadn’t even hit the market yet. Man, on my first day of snowboarding, I had some crappy rental equipment and the bindings and boots were so terrible that I lost feeling in all of my toes. I remember Mr J asking me how my feet were and I replied, “Is it normal to not be able to feel your toes?” Needless to say, an hour later I got a brand new pair of Salomon Kiana boots. Mr J and I made sure that Lou’s first experience was the best possible, even if the snow conditions weren’t that great.

Since Lou has been skateboarding since his preteen days, she was able to transfer his knowledge seamlessly on his first day ever. He did just a few runs on a bunny slope and an hour or so later, he was already hitting the slopes. By his third run, he was keeping up with his big sis and putting her to shame! We were both very impressed by his quick learning ability and his courage to even take a few jumps.

For lunch, we ate at La Ferme, a cosy traditional French restaurant and hotel located along the slopes. We had some delicious steak and fries with a pitcher of wine. We topped it off with a shot of their homemade orange coffee bean vodka to help us “stay warm” on the slopes. I found that the vodka made me a better snowboarder. 😉

Hopefully Lou, despite being a broke college student, can scrape up some change to fly out again this winter for some more snowboarding action here in France. We had a blast and I look forward to the next opportunity with my little bro!

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