When Home Projects Snowball

When Home Projects Snowball
October 17, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker


There’s a time for everything and it seems that this past and present week have laid out for me a plethora of projects to complete before the end of the month which ended up created a snowball effect around my house.

As you might remember, earlier this month, I spent a good day finding and updating all of our family’s online passwords. That project led to me to organize over twelve thousand photos from 2011 and to organize photos that I would include in our annual photo album that I will then upload, create, and order online for family for Christmas. I created a few test runs as gifts for family in the U.S. and they looked good. Two thumbs up!

That photo organization project then lead me to organize all of our family videos and back up thousands of scanned documents and photos on DVD disks (which takes forever). Upon backing up all of the hard drive documents, Mr J had us scan and back up hard copy documents from 2011, which took up an entire afternoon and my complaining about his filing skills because he lost tax docs during our countless cross country moves. As a side note, I really feel that everyone in high school should take an organization and office management course because life is full of paperwork and half of that time is spent looking for that one piece of paper that is essential to whatever it is we’re doing for that day. Seriously, missing paperwork can gash good moods and destroy families.

Then, these annual organizational projects led us out into the garden to clean up the yard for fall and winter. Planting pots into the ground so they don’t freeze come the snows and frosty nights, transferring plants into larger pots and bringing them inside, which then got me to rearrange the furniture in the living room. I can just hear my mother-in-law say upon her visit at the end of the month in an almost mocking tone, “Oh, you’ve moved the furniture again.” Yes. I’ve moved the furniture again. I can’t help that seeing the film Auntie Mame has programed me to move the furniture every season and not everyone lives in the same house for almost their entire lives (childhood and adult life) and keeps the furniture and knickknacks in the same spot for over thirty years. Call me crazy and adventurous!

After moving around the furniture, I had to wax all of our leather seats and dust like a madman, because I discovered spiders like to crawl in through the window behind the TV and create a sort of spider graveyard around the TV stand. Seeing all those spiders and knowing how much Mr J hates spiders and is extremely sensitive to dust got me to dusting and washing the entire house which then led to an unavoidable backache and a begrudging promise to myself that I will hire a housekeeper the next time a deep cleaning is required. Oh, the things we do for love!

With the winter coming, I told myself to find a new, productive hobby that allows me to spend my spare time relaxing in my recliner with hands busy, so I picked up knitting over the weekend. I learned to knit rather quickly after watching a few videos and made a collar with buttons I inherited. It’s pretty neat and I don’t suck at it, so I have decided to continue the craft.

After making the collar, I realized that I had a few new winter skirts that needed to be shorted and hemmed, so I began that project. And while doing that, I remembered that I had some old wool pullovers that I could alter into cardigans, so I had Mr J crawl into a stairwell closet and dig out that tupperware box of stored clothes so I could get on that.

All of these projects have kept and will continue to keep me busy, along with my reading, writing, and work projects, for the rest of the month. Mr J will be in Austria for a week on business, so I’ll have many uninterrupted hours to get my affairs in order before he returns and his parents show up for a weekend.

It’s funny that many of my French friends ask me what I do all day with my time since I don’t have a real office job like everyone else. Sure, I get bored sometimes working alone, but I’m always busy because I look around me and see that there are things that need to be done, as much as I’d like to put them off like the next gal sometimes. I’ve got a family, a home, and a purpose: all that already gives enough work as it is. In fact, sometimes I’m so slammed with projects that I wonder how stay at home moms and dads manage to work on their blogs or projects and keep their tiny tikes happy. For that, I salute them!

Life is full of little projects to improve our lives and get us from one day to the next. I’m sure there are many of us that wish we could cut them all out and pay someone else to do them, but I think these little projects can give us joy and teach us a few things about ourselves. Little projects fill up our lives with purpose and utility and they add up to give us a life full of accomplishments.

Do you ever have projects lined up, ready to be tackled? How do you get to them? Do things sort of lead to another without much effort?


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