How A Man Feels Inside When He Doesn’t Want To Get Married

How A Man Feels Inside When He Doesn’t Want To Get Married
October 19, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

I remember when the subject of marriage came up between Mr J and I. He told me that he wanted to do the typical French thing and be together for at least five to seven years before getting married and fought the idea of “losing” his freedom and all of that nonsense.

Seeing as how I broke off a four year relationship before I met him and how I had no intention of moving to California after graduation and leave my awesome job for a boyfriend and not a future husband, I told him we had two years to figure it out and whether it was good or not, we could at the end of those two years, decide if we were really right for each other as mates or not. If not, we could break up, no hard feelings and go on our merry way. That was the end of that.

Two years to the day, we were married. One night, when we are snuggling in bed and talking about how we fell in love at first sight, he told me “I knew I was going to marry you.”

“Oh really? You made such a big deal about getting married. You put up a real fight when it got down to it,” I pointed out.

“Yah, well, I just don’t like to be told what to do even if I want to do it,” he explained.

Ah. Man logic. 😉

Despite all of this, there is, from time to time, that little boy inside who is fighting against being told what to do (even if it’s what he wants) and when I saw this video, I laughed because it sums up that feeling exactly. Well, the feeling I’ve been told by my married guy friends.


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