10 Thoughts On Autumn

10 Thoughts On Autumn
October 20, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Autumn is here and it’s slowly giving way to winter. I grew up in Florida and our autumns are called “Hurricane Season” which are usually in full swing. Living in the French alps has changed my perception of autumn and here are my ten thoughts on living life during autumn in France.

1. We have a cherry tree in our garden and instead of conveniently losing all of its leaves at once, a few leaves fall here and there making raking a constant chore. Raking is the worst. When I buy my second house, I will plant only evergreen trees.

2. I feel like I’m constantly playing with the thermostats (one in each room). In the daytime, it’s warm, so I turn down the heat. In the evening, it’s cold, so I put it up. I’m honestly afraid to see the electric bill at the end of the year.

3. There is no such thing as Thanksgiving here in France, so when I say “Happy Thanksgiving” the French give me confused looks and say, “Oh yes, it’s your American holiday with turkey!”

4. Because Mr J rides a scooter to work in the cool fall air, he is justified in growing his beard even thicker which inspires constant compliments from other men like, “You have the coolest beard!” What is it with guys and growing beards?

5. I like that I get to wear black stockings with my skirts, because I feel like the Mary Tyler Moore version of Zooey Deschannel.

6. Fall is the perfect time to bring out all of my favorite hats. I just love hats.

7. Because Mr J works in the seasonal business of making snowboards, I know fall means the beginning of many business trips around the world, some often longer than a week, spanning on three weeks. This means I get to A) Plan my pet projects to complete while he’s gone B) Create a list of things I want him to buy for me while he’s traveling C) See my magnet and postcard collection grow.

8. Fall means that I miss an American Halloween and Thanksgiving which creates a sort of longing and short sting of sadness knowing that I can’t participate with my friends and family back home. I do look forward to the day when I have my own kids so that I can have an excuse to celebrate these American traditions with them.

9. Autumn in the French alps sees the frequent (typically over) consumption of cheese based dishes such as fondue, raclette, and tartiflette which implies, if one is not careful, the threat of gaining five pounds. I just lost six pounds and I will be damned if I gain it back!

10. Because most apartments in France don’t come with dryers or even hookups, it now takes two to three days to dry our laundry indoors. Oh, how I would love to pull out a pair of tight, warm pair of jeans from a hot dryer!

Do you have thoughts on life in the fall? Share your experiences!


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