Prayer: Are You Doing It Right?

Prayer: Are You Doing It Right?
October 23, 2011 Marissa

Edited & Co-authored by L.J. Acker

Psalms 34:6, 15, 17-19
Psalms 145:1-19
Proverbs 24:16
Matthew 15-19

Prayer isn’t just one way communication. It’s a collaborative effort of creation between ourselves, our communities, and God. When we align our efforts in serving Him, acting together as a community of like-minded spirits, God works in wondrous ways – if we let Him. Our intentions and actions affect what we create with our communication with God and how we pray is just as important. Are you doing it right?

We need to remember when we are living according to God’s righteousness, He will hear us when we pray. I don’t mean we must be absolutely perfect because none of us can live a perfect life, but rather focusing our energies on His intentions for us makes our prayers more powerful for manifesting our needs and desires in the physical realm just as it was possible for Jesus.

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So, as in Psalms verse 34:4, when we pray or cry out to Him His word says that He hears us in good times and in bad, delivering us from all of our woes. In Psalms verse 15, God’s eyes are upon the righteous, as in those who have dedicated their lives to their calling and focus on living their best lives in service to the Good Work of reuniting their souls and those of others with God. We are literally ringing at a higher vibration, in tune with God’s voice and direction in our lives.

When God’s children cry out to Him, His ear will be attuned to their calls, just like a parent with a newborn child: no matter what room a mother or father is in, she or he will come running where the child is when their baby is in distress. In verse 17, whenever God’s children cry, because they are in trouble, the Word says that he will hear them and help them because it’s in God’s nature to provide for His children. In verse 18, God promises to be close to the heartbroken and repentant in spirit and despite the inevitability that His children will struggle, fail, and find themselves in seemingly impossible situations God will help and deliver His children from their tribulation.

It’s not enough to cry out to God in pain through our prayers, in Psalms 145 it’s essential that we must, despite our emergencies, be grateful and faithful in His works and His intentions for our lives. It’s this key part that reminds us of our entitlement as God’s children to recieve His protection and His bounty in our hearts and in our lives.

However, our individual prayers, while they are powerful and intercessory (praying or acting on the behalf of others), are not enough to change the world we live in without the joining of the hearts and minds of others who have sought the path of God’s righteousness. As a community, we can transform negative circumstances and conditions through group prayer and action. In Matthew verses 15-19, Jesus reminds us that the group can come together to change the course of reality and the mindset of the community’s consciousness through prayer and collective action.

It is at these individual and group levels that God works to answer our prayers. And the closer we walk with Him, the more attuned the response and communication with God is. Focusing on both levels, thinking and acting in line with our values and principles, and knowing that He is listening and responding to us is how we can be sure we are in communion with the Lord through struggle and times of peace. In this reception with the Divine, we can be even surer to hear and see His responses in our daily lives.

How are you talking with God? Do you pray and act with others to change your community? Are you grateful for your experiences in good times and in bad?


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