Dreaming, Dreams, and Spiritual Experiences

Dreaming, Dreams, and Spiritual Experiences
October 26, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Dreams and dreaming are a major part of my life. I’ve always considered myself to be an intuitive and spiritual person, but never a medium of sorts, until my dream experience decided to show me otherwise.

My first memory of a dream starts when I was about five years old. I dreamt that my parents were laying in bed and a giant boulder was rolling on top of them and flattening them. It was, for my five year old mind, absolutely frightening. I ran to my mom in tears in the middle of the night to tell her what happened. It wouldn’t be the last time.

In the years following, I’d have more and more dreams – even more vivid than the last. Eventually, I could hear people talking to me in the dreams and eventually I’d have full conversations with people. Most of the dreams I have are fantastic like gigantic jumbo jets, flying like a super hero, and seeing situations out of a Lewis Carroll novel. Over the years, I’d learn to enjoy the dreams and take part in them, as they say in lucid dreaming.

Then, when I got older, I started having dreams where I’d be visited by old souls and people who had passed away. I even had a dream where I heard the voice of God tell me that thinking negative thoughts is just an invitation of negative circumstance. An old lady who apparently was a soul who at one time lived in Tampa, Florida had a letter that Jesus Christ himself wrote me. She said she read it so many times that she knew it by heart, so she could just tell me without reading it aloud.

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After the death of Papa Bill, my step Grandpa, he visited me and told me he should have passed a long time ago and that he was thrilled to be on his way in his old pick up trip to see his wife who had passed away many years ago. Then, I had a dream where my Great Granny Doris told me the years in which major events would take place in my life. She looked so beautiful in a gorgeous hat.

The one notable dream I had was a woman who purposely walked into front of a passing car and was subsequently struck and then passed away. Her soul rose above her body and looked at me. Without uttering a word, I could hear her say telepathically to tell a family friend that she didn’t expect to die the way she did and that she was thinking of her. My in-laws were looking at us from their open door, observing the scene as if outsiders. Not a moment more, the phone rang and woke me up. It was that family friend calling to discuss something with Mr J. I told her that I had a strange woman who had died and wanted her to know some information. She was silent for a moment and said, “My godmother died suddenly in my hometown (the same town as my in-laws) and I just returned from her funeral.” We were both spooked.

While having a nap one afternoon and drifting between that stage between consciousness and unconsciousness, I could hear what was like a radio transmission of thousands of voices. What I heard the loudest was of a business associate. She was yelling at her boyfriend about money problems. They were having issues from what I picked up and when I woke up, I told Mr J and he was skeptical. Weeks later, it was revealed that this woman broke up with her boyfriend, had a huge home project in the tens of thousands that could not be avoided, and was indeed having money issues.

I had a dream where my best friend had an operation and didn’t tell anybody, not even me. My friend didn’t want anyone to know about it. Eventually, I had the courage to ask my friend about it and she confessed that it was true and didn’t want to concern anybody about her health situation.

I’ve had a few dreams where I’m presented a situation of a friend or loved one. Many times, they’re faced with a dilemma and need guidance. Whatever I see in the dream I present to my friends. More often than not, they admit they’re experiencing the problem.  Some acknowledge the issue, but don’t take the advice. I’ve learned that it’s not my place to tell someone what to do, but to show them what I’ve seen in the off chance they could benefit from the information.

After I realized my dreams were not just ways of sorting out my feelings, fears, and anxieties, but also pathways of communication and enlightenment, I started asking specific questions about certain issues or people and the answers started to reveal themselves through cryptic symbols, occasionally through specific, clear responses.

I can recall dreams so well that I’ve stopped writing them down. I can simply think of a dream and recount it in detail and what it means. Through the memory of my dreams, I can match the symbol with the situations that were occurring in my life at the time which will then allow me to divine through the symbolism I’m being shown what is currently happening or will happen, like when a big career change is happening, or if something is happening for my husband or when a new, unexpected situation will reveal itself in my waking life.

I was so taken by these dreams that I had conducted some research on them, referring to my scientific dream studies in psychology in college and referencing more spiritual reading material such as Edgar Casey’s books like Edgar Casey On Dreams and other arts and scientific studies like George H Mead sociological theory of symbolic interactionism and Jungian psychology. Much of it made sense to me on a deeply spiritual level and helped me reconcile what I was experiencing with what I had yet to understand. Dreaming is a mysterious and deeply personal experience that science has yet to scratch the surface on.

There isn’t much casual conversation about dreams because they are so personal. The symbolism, the psychology, the spirituality of it all is very private and revealing. I’ve read so much on the subject matter of dreams in the past ten years I can hear someone’s dream and give a basic interpretation of it. It’s a fascinating way to open up the discussion of how spiritual matters affect the waking life and vice versa when the opportunity and the person permits.

As for how dreaming affects me spiritually, I find that through my own experience there are different levels or planes of existence, that psychic communication and abilities are possible and can be learned, and that each of us has various ways and talents with communicating with the Divine. If we allow ourselves to, we can connect with God, the Universe, and the collective unconscious of knowledge and experience.  It’s pushed me to explore my faith and my beliefs, to open up my heart and mind to what is possible – even beyond what we can see and experience in the waking world – and it’s allowed me to be more open minded to other’s experiences.

This video is interesting because it opens up the discussion through a scientific perspective.

Do you have dreams? What is your dream experience like? Share your experience with me!


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