What’s Good In Reading: October Week 42

What’s Good In Reading: October Week 42
October 29, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Why Digital Talent Doesn’t Want To Work At Your Company -Fast Company by  AARON SHAPIRO
I think this could be said for just about any generation Y professional.

Stopping Arguing Doesn’t Necessarily Stop Divorce – Power of Two Blog by Naomi
Just because you’re not fighting doesn’t mean your relationship is healthy.

Your World View Can Set You Free – High Existence by Anel
Be the master of your beliefs, not the other way around.

Travel & Culture
Paris – A Return To Versailles Kris Atomic by Kristina
Absolutely stunning photos of Versailles in the fall.

2 Surprising Ways How A Credit Card Can Help You Get Out of Debt No Debt Plan by Kevin
Use a credit card to your advantage.

How to Take Charge of Your Unhealthy Eating Habits Pick The Brain by Daniel Wong
Put down those Doritos! Simple and good advice for choosing the right nutrition.


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