Ten Differences Between French and American Men

Ten Differences Between French and American Men
November 3, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Sitting down with Mr J one evening, we started talking about the differences between French men and American men. Mr J considers himself more American than French and had no problem spotting the differences between French and American men. This is his list.

Of course, these contrasting statements are not all inclusive, they are not meant to stereotype, but rather point out frequent cultural and social occurrences, and it must be acknowledged that there always exceptions to the following observations. In other words, don’t take these observations seriously for risk of increased blood pressure!

American Men:

  1. Humor: Very straight forward. A joke is a joke.
  2. Parenting: Hands on parenting is often left to women and being physically affectionate with their children is not common.
  3. How They Like Their Women: Like to find someone like their own mother, to care and nurture them.
  4. Physical Attraction: Hollywood esthetic is very pleasing and ideal, looks and physical shape are very important.
  5. Sex: American men are very expectant and more demanding. Just about everything has to be on the table for a satisfying sex life.
  6. Feminine Side: American men are trained to minimize or eliminate their feminine side as it’s considered weak.
  7. Childhood Icons: Superman, G.I. Joes, and other rough and tumble, emotionally vacant muscle heads who save the world.
  8. Work Ethic: If you take frequent breaks, you’re considered a bad employee.
  9. Old Age: Life after sixty is all downhill from there as they’re no longer useful to society and sexually… unless you have lots of money!
  10. Self Perceptions: Thinks little of what others think about him. If he feels like laughing, he’ll laugh and doesn’t mind being a big kid. He doesn’t associate his intelligence with his desire to express himself.

French Men:

  1. Humor: Very second degree. Must have to live in the country to understand cultural references. Very sarcastic and often condescending.
  2. Parenting: Many men in France are often seen in public caring for their children.
  3. How They Like Their Women: Like their women like cats: independent, need little attention, and don’t eat very much.
  4. Physical Attraction: Sense of style and taste is more preferred than physical beauty, implying individuality.
  5. Sex: Frenchmen will take what they can get. Expect wild stuff is known either to pornos or American culture.
  6. Feminine Side: French men embrace their feminine side. Pink shirts and kissing each other on the cheek are cultural norms. It’s not uncommon to see young men dance with each other in hopes of attracting a female on the dance floor. Much of what is normal is considered gay to Americans.
  7. Childhood Icons: Tin Tin, Gaston Lagaffe, and other awkward, skinny, book wormy types.
  8. Work Ethic: If you don’t take frequent breaks, there’s something wrong with you.
  9. Old Age: Life has finally begun for many, taking on international travel, sports, clubs, and other cultural and learning interests.
  10. Self Perceptions: Don’t like to laugh out loud in public because it implies stupidity. Cares about what others think in terms of public perception and whether or not he appears intelligent.