Monday Madness: Children Cover Entire House With Flour

Monday Madness: Children Cover Entire House With Flour
November 21, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

I grew up in a house with three brothers, so I perfectly understand how a normal house can be worn down in an accelerated pace despite a mother’s incredible amount of efforts. We’ve done our fair share of foolishness like taping each other up with duck tape, body slamming each other, building couch cushion forts and all of that jazz, but if we had done what these two had done, I’m pretty sure we would have had an old fashioned whipping on the rumps.

You have to admit the mom of these happy-go-lucky tots is pretty calm. Even if their modest home isn’t filled with antiques and priceless heirlooms, I’m sure it’s frightening to see your clean, lovely home covered in microscopic flour particles that makes you regret not throwing down the extra dough for a Dyson vacuum (I don’t have one, but my friends with kids and dogs swear by them).

I would like to see an update to see if her kids were thrown into the oven Hansel and Gretel style in place of the flour or if they survived and the parents managed to clean up the mess.

I have learned a valuable lesson: lock up the pantry from roaming tots and never, ever leave them alone – especially when it’s deceptively quiet.