Photo Journal: A Hike In Heaven

Photo Journal: A Hike In Heaven
November 11, 2011 Leslie Juvin-Acker

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Mr J, the dogs, and I drove up to the Semnoz for a hike. The Semnoz is a massif overlooking Annecy and her lake. It’s known for hiking during the summer and autumn months and skiing for the rest of the year. It’s a perfect location for hiking with the family and the mutts.

While we were up in the Semnoz, enjoying our view of Mont Blanc and surrounding areas, Mr J literally said to our dog, Gwen, “Go! Run!” And no sooner did he said that, she took off and disappeared! We spent a good 45 minutes walking around, calling out to our silly mutt, and wondering where on earth did she go!

My better instincts told me that she would go run after some kind of smell, roll her neck in poop, and run around other people and sniff ¬†other dogs. When we decided to turn around, we did find our mutt exactly where we had begun, chasing other people wondering where her Mom and Dad were. Upon hearing my whistle she stopped, looked around, and saw me in the distance. She pranced to our feet, happy with fresh scat all over her neck! It smelled terrible, but she was found and happy. C’est la vie!

Once we found each other, Gwen attracted an admirer, a local boxer, who followed us everywhere, even to our car. He followed us, licking all over Gwen, nuzzling her, and trying to become more than friends. As Gwen is spayed and a ‘virgin”, she couldn’t understand why this bozo kept following her with his unwanted affections. As we loaded the girls in the car and buckled them into their seats, he even marked his territory on our car! What a macho man!

We had to make our way down the mountain with windows down in the crisp, mountain air because Gwen Eau De Scat was the stinkiest yet! Before we made it to the bottom of the mountain, the girls were already passed out, asleep on their plush comforter.

The mysterious poop on Gwen’s neck and her unexpected and aggressive admirer created some laughable memories for our little family on a hike in the beautiful French alps on a crisp autumn day.