2011 Books In Review Part 5 of 5: Pleasure Reading

2011 Books In Review Part 5 of 5: Pleasure Reading
January 6, 2012 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Today’s list of books I’ve read in 2011 come to you last, but certainly not least. While I’ve read everything on my list for the joy of it, these last books are specifically noted for the pleasure of enjoying a good story and to have some fun.

Whether you’re a photography nut or just starting out, perhaps you just want to read a good mystery thriller, or want a romance with a little heart, this list might give you an additional smile to your reading repertoire.

19. Exposure Photo Workshop by Jeff Wignall

When I first got my Canon digitial SLR, I was sort of like the Double Rainbow Guy as in, I looked at the camera’s functions and features and asked tearfully, “What does it mean!?!”

I purchased this book as a compliment to my 6 month long photography course at my local community center. As I was learning photography AND French at the same time, this book helped me prepare for each weekly course. From exposition, understanding ISO, aperture, time value – even how to approach different types of lighting situations – to understanding the various types of camera and lighting equipment, Exposure Photo Workshop is comprehensive, easy to follow, and entertaining. It can serve as a lesson by lesson teach your self guide or as a reference book for the more experienced photographer. I’m far from a professional photographer, but my friends and family say that my photography has improved leaps and bounds over the last year, and I have Jeff Wignall to thank for some of that success.

20. Soul Identity by Dennis Batchelder

I must have read this over the course of three days during my summer holiday on the cote d’azur. Soul Identity is a science fiction, mystery thriller that revolves its themes around religion, faith, science, and romance. It’s got action, intrigue, and suspense as the main character, computer security expert Scott Waverly, tries to solve a bizarre mystery of a company that has been tracking souls for over 2600 years. For entertainment value, it was the perfect read and blend of interests that gets readers thinking about their lives, nay, lifetimes. I know some have panned the author’s writing ability, but I saw past the criticisms and enjoyed my lazy days reading a fun, fast paced novel.

21. Stuck In The Middle by Virginia Smith
Stuck In The Middle is the ultimate summer chick read and I enjoyed every minute of it. Christian author, Virginia Smith, tells the story of Joan Sanderson, a middle sister of a tight-knit Christian family, who feels stuck in her life as she cares for her aging grandmother and lives with her mother… that is, until a handsome doctor moves in next door, catapulting her stagnant life into a number of character testing scenarios. Her faith in God, life, and community is tested as she seeks to create meaning and value in her life despite a meddling family and her new neighbor’s rambunctious dog. This book was fun for me because I imagined Blake Lively as the younger, chic sister, Reese Witherspoon as the bossy and pregnant older sister, and Anna Faris as Joan, the awkward, yet thoughtful main character.