Check Out Mr J’s Blog: ActionSportsNow

Check Out Mr J’s Blog: ActionSportsNow
January 28, 2012 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Hello Friends:

Mr J has been blogging on the topic of action sports since 2009. This little blog of his, while actually pretty successful, went neglected last year due to a mad crazy work schedule.

We discussed how big of a bummer this is for his readers since he has front row action to much of the action sports industry happenings like trade shows, traveling, riding with pros, developing fun product, and he gets to meet fun people from all over the world. Why not share that with groms and other action sports lovers?

After talking about it, he’s asked me to take over the site’s management and editing. He’s agreed to take photos, write his stories, and share his favorite products and latest happenings. I’ve agreed to make sure everything is properly posted and shared with the world.

If you’re into surfing, skate boarding, or snowboarding, then ActionSportsNow is the place for you. Check it out! Let us know what you think while you’re there.